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The GTA series blazes past the 420 million sales mark, as Rockstar gets ready to unleash ST-Ds on Los Santos

Don’t worry, it’s not a DLC involving your mum.

Some GTA Online characters who may have ST-Ds.
Image credit: VG247/Rockstar Games

Good news, people who like mildly funny numbers (it’s me, I’m people), the GTA series has now surpassed the 420 million mark in terms of total sales, and Take-Two has revealed that to us just as Rockstar is about make ST-Ds available to the GTA Online masses.

Yup, we all might have recovered from the GTA 6 mania that gripped the world at the tail end of last year, when that trailer arrived in our lives, got us thinking about Tom Petty, and brought out the amateur detective in almost everyone, but GTA things are still happening in Los Santos. And the series’ sales numbers are also continuing to push the boundaries of what’s comprehensible, having now reached a value that the goth kids from your college would no doubt appreciate.

As part of its latest earnings call, the aftermath of which saw Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick tell IGN that Rockstar’s parent company has “no current plans” regarding layoffs, it shared some tastefully-assembled presentation slides featuring the latest sales numbers for the biggest titles in its portfolio. As expected, GTA’s leading the way, having now “sold-in over 420 million units”, with GTA 5 alone rapidly lurching towards the 200 million sales mark.

For context, in the same presentation, it was revealed that the Red Dead series, spearheaded by the very much not unsuccessful Red Dead Redemption 2, has sold around 86 million units to this point. Take-Two also gave December's GTA 6 trailer a shout out for notching a casual 93 million views in just 24 hours.

How do you commemorate such milestones for your running people over simulator, you ask? Well, in a move that’s not actually designed to celebrate those sales numbers, but feels like it’s been timed to perfection regardless, Rockstar is getting ready to give GTA Online players the chance to buy their very own ST-D next week!

You read that right, $1.7 million luxury ST-Ds are on their way to the loyal folks still playing GTA 5 in 2024. Aren’t they lucky? What do you mean you want more information on this development?

Ok, here we go. The Gallivanter Baller ST-D is an Imani Tech upgrade-eligible SUV that you’ll be able to buy via the Legendary Motorsport website from February 15 onwards.

Yes, it’s just a car. Please stop throwing fruit at me and booing.

Look, if tell you that just logging into GTA Online between February 8 and February 14 will net you a free Lunar New Year gift of $188,888 in GTA cash, as detailed in this newswire post, does that make you feel better about things?

For more on GTA, make sure to check out our very good and very thorough analysis of that GTA 6 trailer I’ve mentioned a couple of times.

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