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GTA Online: The Criminal Enterprises: How to get all new cars

There's a deluxe garage's worth of new cars to get your hands on with the Summer Update. Here's how to get them all!

With the GTA Online Criminal Enterprises Update a few weeks behind us, a selection of new vehicles for car nuts are fresh in the game to collect. Eventually, following a gradual drip-feed of content, 18 will be added following the free content release, but for now only eight have landed.

To help you gather up all these new rides, we’ve created this page detailing how to get every new vehicle added during the Summer Update, and how much they cost. (These vehicles come from via a leaked list on the GTA Forums, so take with a pinch of salt even if the leaker has a history of being correct).

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GTA Summer Update cars and vehicles

Here's the list of all the vehicles released so far in the Summer Update:


Conada helicopter in GTA Online Summer update
A new helicopter!

If you want a new helicopter, why not pick up the Conada! It’s relatively cheap compared to other aerial options, purchasable from Elitas travel for $2,450,000.


Corista car in GTA Online Summer update
Is there such a thing as too many sports cars?

A two door sports car, this vehicle is an incredibly fast small vehicle with a huge amount of acceleration. You can buy it from Legendary Motorsport for $1,795,000.

  • Top Speed: 4.3
  • Acceleration: 5
  • Braking: 2.1
  • Traction: 5


Greenwood car in GTA Online Summer update
Ride in style with this brand new car.

If you want to ride in style in the Summer Update, there’s no better option than the Bravado Greenwood! It’s also ripe for upgrades and additional weapon add ons for an extra price, so pick it up from Southern San Andreas Superautos for $1,465,000.

  • Top Speed: 3.8
  • Acceleration: 3.5
  • Braking: 1.2
  • Traction: 3.4


LM87 car in GTA Online Summer update
One of the most unique looking cars added this update.

A super speedy racing car for those who liked to go fast (and don’t mind some less than ideal braking power), the LM87 can be bought from Legendary Motorsport for $2.915,000.

  • Top Speed: 4.3
  • Acceleration: 4.8
  • Braking: 2.2
  • Traction: 5

Torero XO

Torero car in GTA Online Summer update
Another sleek option!

The Torero XO is a glamourous two-door sports car purchasable from Legendary Motorsport for $2,890,000.

  • Top Speed: 4.3
  • Acceleration: 4.8
  • Braking: 1.9
  • Traction: 4.2

Omnis E-GT

Omnis car in GTA Online Summer update
Bigger, but still hella fast

If you want something a bit stockier than the other cars up for grabs, the Omnis is a great option with some nice add ons available at an additional cost. You can buy it from Legendary Motorsport for $1,795,000.

  • Top Speed: 4.1
  • Acceleration: 5
  • Braking: 1.7
  • Traction: 5

Benefactor SM722 ($2,115,000)

The Benefactor SM722 in GTA Online
Best front bumper in the game, no doubt

The first car slowly dripped out following the release of the Criminal Enterprise update, this incredibly fast car costs quite the fortune, but is well worth it if you fancy an impressive new car. You can buy it from Legendary Motorsports for $2,115,000.

  • Top Speed: 4.3
  • Acceleration: 4.5
  • Braking: 1.3
  • Traction: 3.8

Declasse Draugur ($1,870,000)

the Draugur off-roader in GTA Online
A beast of a car for bestial players.

The Declasse Draugur is the first off-roader added to GTA Online since the Criminal Enterprise update! this is a damn fast, powerful, and relatively easy to handle vehicle usefull for players who find themselves going off the beaten trailer. You can buy it from Southern San Andreas Super Autos for $1.870,000

  • Top speed: 4
  • Acceleration: 4.2
  • Braking: 0.8
  • Traction: 3.8

Ruiner ZZ-8 ($1,320,000)

Ruiner ZZ-8 in GTA Online
A new super fast addition to the game.

A few weeks post the initial update, the Ruiner ZZ-8 got dropped as another excellent speedy road car to fill out your garage. Quite expensive, but worth certainly worth the cost, this is a brilliant pick for anyone with a decent amount of change in their pocket. You can buy it from San Andreas Super Autos for $1.320,000

  • Top speed: 4.1
  • Acceleration: 3.8
  • Braking: 1.3
  • Traction: 3.6

Are there more vehicles coming?

Rockstar aren't releasing the full selection of 18 new vehicles at once, instead slowly releasing them over the coming weeks. As more come out, we’ll update this piece with any new cars, bikes, helicopters, planes, or otherwise added to the game!

For the full rundown on the Summer Update, be sure to check out our round-up of all things The Criminal Enterprises.

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