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The Sims 4 patch gets rid of aging bug and incest after accidentally adding them

You read that right. Toddlers were becoming seniors in the blink of an eye, while other sims wanted to date their family members.

If you have spent any amount of time with The Sims 4, or even appreciating one of the communities many content creators, you'll know that the simulation title can be chaotic. Half the charm of The Sims 4 is undoubtedly wedding the weirdest of couples and ultimately finding unique ways to kill them off, but the latest bugs to plague players have taken this to an unprecedented level of strange.

Following last weeks' free update to The Sims 4, which now allows players to choose the sexual orientation of their sims, a couple of unusual bugs emerged as a result.

The first of the bugs to emerge saw sims rapidly aging in a matter of minutes. For those who hate to look after toddlers, this wasn't a terrible thing, but seeing entire families turn into seniors was frustrating for many.

The next bug is one that The Sims veterans will also be familiar with, which suddenly allows sims to express interests in sims they certainly shouldn't. As a part of the update, and the simultaneous launch of the High School Years expansion pack, a new 'wants and fears' feature from previous The Sims games was reintroduced to The Sims 4. This is great news, and an equally great feature, but it came with some issues.

Namely, sims expressing wants that included dating other family members. Additionally, it has been reported that adult sims were tagging teens in inappropriate Social Bunny posts as part of the High School Years expansion pack (thanks, GameSpot).

Recent patch notes reveal that the two unusual bugs have since been fixed. The patch notes target the base game, as well as the Get Famous and High School Years expansion packs, and the rapid aging of sims with short and long lifespans should no longer occur.

In addition, the 'Ask to be Girlfriend/Boyfriend' want will not only target eligible sims, and not encourage incest any longer. Also, adults will no longer be tagging teens in inappropriate Social Bunny posts. What a relief!

With these issues fixed, it appears a different issue now remains at the forefront of The Sims 4 creators' minds, and that's EA's latest policy update regarding mods and custom content.

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