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Cult of the Lamb FAQ - Platforms, multiplayer, and Game Pass

The Cultists, they have questions

Cult of the Lamb is Massive Monster and Devolver Digital’s answer to the question “What if someone combined Hades and Animal Crossing?” Maybe no one else was actually asking that question until now, but regardless, the roguelite base builder is proving to be rather a hit in the days following its launch.

Despite the roguish lamb overlord carving out their niche on several playlists, not everything about Cult of the Lamb is explained quite so clearly. We dig into some of the more common questions below so you don’t have to scramble trying to find the answer.

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Cult of the Lamb platforms - Where can you play Cult of the Lamb?

Cult of the Lamb is on pretty much every modern platform, including:

  • PC via Steam
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5
  • Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

So far, it looks like Steam is the only PC platform the Lamb is on, and there’s no indication whether it will be coming to the Epic Games Store. Considering Death’s Door and other Devolver games are on Epic’s platform, though, it might just be a matter of time.

Is there Cult of the Lamb multiplayer?

Despite drawing inspiration from the likes of The Binding of Isaac, Cult of the Lamb is single-player only. However, for a while after the game’s launch, there is a Twitch campaign running to help create a stronger sense of community around the solo title.

Cult of the Lamb Twitch integration explained

Massive Monsters added a feature that lets viewers collaborate to help or destroy a streamer playing Cult of the Lamb. During dungeon segments, viewers can choose a red or green button to harm or aid the streamer and then once the votes are in, there’s another set of choices to decide exactly how bad the harm (or how good the help) will be. For example, you may decide to simply damage the streamer’s lamb outright or make dungeons harder for the long haul by buffing up the enemies that spawn.

You can also spend channel points to help speed up progression by raising Inspiration at the totem pole.

Is Cult of the Lamb on Game Pass?

Cult of the Lamb is not on Game Pass, and the publisher has given no indication when it may be, if it ever is.

Is there a Cult of the Lamb demo?

Not anymore. Devolver released a demo several months before Cult of the Lamb released, but it was a limited-time affair that ran during a Steam event.

Cult of the Lamb physical version

Massive Monsters and Devovler won’t be publishing the physical version of Cult of the Lamb. It’s exclusive to Special Reserve games, which has a standard and special edition of the game for Switch and PS5 only. There’s no Xbox physical version, or at least not yet.

Will there be Cult of the Lamb DLC?

There already is! Sort of. The Cultist Pack includes new follower forms, but it’s only on PC at launch. Massive Monsters promised the pack will come to console later, and you can also download the free Cthulhu Follower skin for the Switch version.

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