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Cult of the Lamb and Don’t Starve Together team up for a horrifying collaboration

The Cult grows even bigger with this crossover.

Image credit: Klei Entertainment/Massive Monster

To celebrate Cult of the Lamb’s first birthday, the game will be receiving its first ever collaboration, and what an apt crossover it is. The decrepit survival game that is Don’t Starve Together will be making its way into the realm of the cultists, while the relentless wilderness of Don’t Starve Together will be privy to some new Cult-inspired cosmetics.

Announced over on Xbox Wire, the developer behind Cult of the Lamb - Massive Monster - happens to be a pretty big fan of Don’t Starve Together. Cult of the Lamb’s art director, James Pearmain, shared that they are a big fan of befriending the pigs and having them follow you: “He wondered, could he make a whole game out of that?”

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Klei Entertainment shares similar sentiments when it comes to experiencing Cult of the Lamb, too. After all, both games are alike in style, sharing similar mechanics around survival and plenty of horrifying quirks to discover. “Both games have been able to take items from the other game extremely faithfully,” thanks to their similarities.

There’s new tabernacle decorations and sealed chest skins coming to Don’t Starve Together, with a science machine, Deerclops chest piece, and more coming to Cult of the Lamb. This apt collaboration isn’t just limited to cosmetics and items, however.

Cult of the Lamb will be introducing an entirely-new game mode inspired by Don’t Starve Together. Players will be used to taking care of their followers, but in the new Penitence mode, you’ll need to worry about sleeping and eating, too. The Penitence mode will also feature permadeath, so expect a challenge in Cult of the Lamb’s new survival rendezvous.

This still isn’t all for the collaboration, either, as you’ll be seeing familiar faces pop up in either game. In Cult of the Lamb, you’ll be able to have Webber as one of your followers. As for Don’t Starve Together, your Ewelets can be dressed up as the one and only Lamb!

This crossover has to be one of my favorites that I’ve seen in recent years. Sure, bouncing around Fall Guys dressed as Sonic is cool and all, but seeing these two equally charming - albeit sinister - games coming together to share some of their strangeness with one another is fantastic.

The announcement was rounded off with a final thank you to fans: “Without you, we wouldn’t get the chance to continue providing more and more updates to improve our creations,” but there’s more.

Following this collaboration, Massive Monster is working on a free major content update focusing on Cult of the Lamb’s gameplay, which fans can expect later this year. As for Don’t Starve Together, Klei Entertainment is hard at work continuing its ‘From Beyond’ content arc!

It’s a good day for fans of either game, and a great one for those who are keen fans of both. What do you reckon to this crossover? Let us know.

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