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Sonic the Hedgehog is coming to Fall Guys

The crossover event will introduce a new Bean Hill Zone level, and plenty of Sonic-themed cosmetics to grab.

The hype surrounding Sonic the Hedgehog right now is relatively high, especially given that 30th anniversary celebrations for the swift hedgehog have been underway for a while now. We’re also still awaiting the release of Sonic Frontiers, and it was announced just yesterday that a third Sonic the Hedgehog movie is on the way!

So, it would make perfect sense for the blue blur to make a cameo elsewhere, right? Especially given recent leaks that the hedgehog may be coming to Fall Guys. Well, that’s exactly what’s happening this week, as Sonic the Hedgehog and friends speed into the world of Fall Guys for a limited-time event.

The event will begin on August 11 and run up until August 15, 2022, in celebration of over thirty years of Sonic the Hedgehog, his friends, and even his enemies.

During that time, players will - obviously - be able to get their hands on some adorable bean-sized cosmetics that turn your standard Fall Guy into Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and even Dr. Robotnik.

There will also be an entirely new stage, known as the Bean Hill Zone. This level is Fall Guys’ own rendition of Sonic’s Green Hill Zone, and comes with its own set of challenges. Namely, speedy beans will have to blast through the course collecting as many rings as possible in a bid to unlock rewards!

The rewards for collecting rings are as follows:

  • “Bean Hill Zone” Nameplate - 200 Points
  • 200 Kudos - 400 Points
  • Bonus Rings Pattern Outfit - 600 Points
  • 400 Kudos - 800 Points
  • Sonic Sneakers - 1000 Points

In addition to the new stage and the Sonic-themed cosmetics, there’ll also be a new emote available from the in-game store while the event is running; the Sonic Tap Foot emote.

Will you be speeding around Bean Hill Zone for the event?

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