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Dead by Daylight leaks reportedly reveal Albert Wesker's power and perks

He's certainly super-human, that's for sure.

Following the Behaviour Beyond showcase last week which saw Dead by Daylight developer, Behaviour Interactive, show off their upcoming endeavours, we got a glimpse at the latest Resident Evil chapter to come to the game.

Dead By Daylight's Project W chapter is the second Resident Evil chapter to come to Dead by Daylight, and it has since been revealed that Albert Wesker will be joining the roster of killers, with Ada Wong and Rebecca Chamber joining the survivors.

While we certainly got a good look at the new characters during the showcase, as well as some of Behaviour's upcoming games, we weren't fortunate enough to learn of the characters' powers and perks. That being said, reputable leaker, DBDLeaks on Twitter, appears to have shared some details as to what each character will be capable of when introduced to the game.

Of course, this is still a leak, and regardless of whether the information rings true or not, there's no doubt plenty of tweaking for Behaviour to do before launching Project W. So, take the below with a grain of salt.

Albert Wesker, also known as The Mastermind in-game, will supposedly have a power called Virulent Bound. This essentially allows Wesker to lunge forward and leap over obstacles or infect nearby survivors. While charging the power, Wesker will be slowed slightly, before the being able to strike.

As a result of being infected by The Mastermind, survivors will experience the Uroboros Infection that many of us will recall from the original Resident Evil games. While infected, survivors are affected by the Hindered status, and this progressively gets worse the longer that they're infected.

At the beginning of every trial, several crates will spawn with First Aid Sprays inside them that can be used, sparingly, to cure a survivor of the Uroboros Infection. This functions similarly to fellow Resident Evil killer, Nemesis, who affects survivors with the T-Virus, which then must be cured with a vaccine from a crate around the map.

In addition to Wesker's main ability, the leak also shared the killer's three perks. Superior Anatomy activates when a survivor performs a fast vault within 8 metres of the killer. As a result, Wesker's vault speed is increased by 30/35/40% for 3 seconds, depending on the perk tier.

Next up is Awakened Awareness. While the killer carries a survivor, they can see the aura of other survivors that are within 16/18/20 meters (depending on perk tier). Auras revealed by the perk stay visible for two seconds after dropping the survivor.

Finally, Wesker's third perk is rumoured to be Terminus. This perk activates when enough generators have been completed for the exit gates to be powered. Any survivor that is injured, downed, or hooked will experience the Broken status effect until the exit gates are opened. Once the gates have been opened, the status effect remains active for 20/25/30 more seconds, depending on perk tier.

As for survivor perks, DBDLeaks suggested that these are still being tweaked by devs, so details can't be revealed just yet. That said, they did share perk names and what the overall goal for the survivors' perks will be.

Ada Wong's three perks are reported to be Wiretap, Low Profile, and Reactive Healing. These will allow her the ability to spy on the killer, have a health boost when allies are hurt, and to leave no scratch marks behind when the only remaining survivor. They're pretty fitting for the illusive super-spy.

As for our rookie medic, Rebecca Chambers' three perks are rumoured to be Reassurance, Hyperfocus, and Better Than New. These will give speed buffs to allies, relieve struggling allies, and allow her to complete skill checks at an increased speed.

As ever, take these leaks with a grain of salt, but that said, are you happy with what the possible perks could be for Dead by Daylight's upcoming chapter?

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