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Dying Light 2's first story DLC, Bloody Ties, to be revealed at gamescom Opening Night Live

Tune in August 23, and enjoy a little tease to hold you off.

The first story DLC for Dying Light 2, Bloody Ties, will debut in a world premiere trailer at gamescom Opening Night Live on August 23.

You can catch a teaser for the upcoming trailer below that offers a glimpse at the dangers lurking in Carnage Hall.

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Originally set to release earlier this year, Bloody Ties was moved into September so that Techland could give the DLC the "absolute highest level of polish" to meet players' expectations.

In the interim, the studio added New Game + mode, a FOV slider for consoles, and many co-op improvements. It also introduced the first game Chapter entitled In the Footsteps of a Nightrunner and Photo Mode.

Additional content was added to the game in June and into August with events and more. An update to the Agent and Rank System is coming, and the second Chapter, entitled A Huntress and a Hag, is set to debut soon alongside patch 1.5. The new Chapter will feature a new agent, Shen Xiu, also known as The Huntress, who is a highly skilled tracker and archery expert with " a very special task for you."

Looking ahead, you can also expect more weapons, enemies, events, and both paid and free DLC as part of Techland's five years of planned support.

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