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Dying Light 2 gets a new season — with chapter 2 now free for everyone

A new agent is on the hunt for new loot and dangers.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human has just gotten itself a brand new season. Titled “A Huntress and a Hag”, the update introduces additional content to the title at zero cost to the play, and without any time gating. You love to see it.

Alongside this season, we’ve got a new trailer showcasing all aspects of the update, as well as some story details for the characters present throughout. Expect to see lots of sneaking, archery, and the Dying Light 2 parkour that you know and love.

You can watch the Chapter 2 trailer here!

As for the exact details of what you can expect, A Huntress and a Hag comes with a new chapter agent, new enemies (including the Hag, a variant of the deadly Banshee), some new melee and ranged weapons, and some new bounties. In addition, the agents playable in chapter one are also getting some new weapons and blueprints, so it’s worth popping back and checking out their new gear too!

Dying Light 2 was quite the thriller when we reviewed it back in February, filled with interesting characters and some truly exhilarating combat. However, it’s got some blemishes, as Josh Broadwell writes: “Dying Light 2 is messy and uneven. It’s also unique, exhilarating, and just plain fun to play, with one of the best settings in recent memory – despite the nagging feeling that the game could, and should, be more than what it is.”

What are your thoughts on the new chapter 2 trailer for Dying Light 2? Will you be playing it, or are you kinda burned out on the zombie action title? Let us know!

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