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This Lord of the Rings Unreal Engine 5 game trailer is outstanding

While just a concept trailer, it gets the imagination working!

If you consider yourself a fan of fantasy, specifically the kind of fantasy written by working class British people who have sadly left this world in a boat drifting towards the sunset, then this new Lord of the Rings Unreal Engine 5 concept trailer might be right up your alley.

Created as a montage of fan-made Unreal Engine 5 projects setexplicitly in Tolkien’s legendary world of orcs, elves, and hobbits, we’re taken around to a variety of famous and recognisable vistas from the story we know and love. This includes a vibrant shower, the doors to Moria, and of course the Tower of Mordor.

Cover image for YouTube video
Watch the brilliant trailer here!

Now, we’ve actually highlighted one of these montage concept trailers before. YouTube channel Enfant Terrible often create videos with a similar format and previously took us to the world of Bloodborne, recreated in UE5. It goes a long way in getting your imagination going, if nothing else. Also, it’s always great to see community creatives go ham with the relatively new engine, especially in universes we love.

Of course, Unreal Engine 5 projects go far beyond these handy concept trailers! I’m still a big fan of a Mirror’s Edge Unreal Engine 5 project created a while back. Maybe because that franchise is deader than dead in spite of it’s place as a bright light in EA’s otherwise kinda dire output at the time.

For more Unreal Engine 5 goodness, watch this lovely trailer for Code: To Jin Yong!

Let us know what you think of this Lord of the Rings Unreal Engine 5 concept trailer! Do you like the look of it? Let us know in the comments below. If you want to see something else that’s pretty rad, check out this Unreal Engine 5 gameplay trailer for a Halo ODST UE5 project.

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