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Old School RuneScape gets new Tombs of Amascut raid August 24

With plenty of customisation, players of all levels can give it a go.

Old School RuneScape fans have something new to look forward too later this month, as a brand new raid is coming to the game on August 24. Called the Tombs of Amascut, players will have to delve deep into a fresh new environment for new loot including powerful weapons and armour.

If you’re not at the pinnacle of OSRS progression, there’s no need to worry since the Tombs of Amascut features an invocation system that allows you to adjust the difficulty of different elements of the raid. These come in the forms of buffs and debuffs that alter that challenge you can expect to run into.

Watch the Steam launch trailer for RuneScape here.

This raid continues the story established in the Beneath Cursed Sands quest, and has players venture below the desert to stop Amascut’s nefarious plans. The raid itself is split into four main sections which can be completed in any order players choose, with each having its own unique puzzles and/or combat challenges.

The rewards of taking on and completing this raid includes a new staff — the Shadow of Tumeken, as well as the three-piece Masori armour, the Elidinis’ Ward shield, Lightbearer ring, and the Osmumten’s Fang one-handed weapon. As such, there’s plenty of reason for all OSRS players to jump in and give it a go.

This update comes following a large Wilderness update for RuneScape, the more contemporary version of the Jagex MMORPG. This focused the zone of deadly PvE fights, while making optional PvP available to hardcore players looking to wipe out other adventurers.

Are you planning on jumping into the Tombs of Amascut? Let us know below!

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