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NBA 2K23 The Jordan Challenge returns - here's what to expect.

After 12 years away, The Jordan Challenge is back in a big way.

The Jordan Challenge is coming with NBA 2K23, making its long awaited return after 12 years away from the franchise. In this mode you’ll be able to take on 15 unique experiences, each set in one of Michael Jordan’s milestone moments in their career.

Alongside each of the challenges, you’ll be able to watch a video interview with a luminary integral to each real life moment, including – but not limited to – 1998 opponent Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Denis Rodman, and head coach Phil Jackson.

Check out the new Jordan challenge trailer here!

One of the coolest aspects of the Jordan Challenge is the attention to year-specific detail. The games have filters that reflect the recording / T.V quality of the time, and you can see era-specific jerseys, courts, and even sponsors during each mission. As such, it’s about as close to an authentic retelling of Michael Jordan’s career as you could hope for.

But what do you get for finishing all 15 challenges? Well, by completing them all, you can earn yourself Jordan NYC jersey in both Myteam and MyCareer modes, letting you show your love for the legendary player.

The mode also has unique twists to the typical NBA 2K23 gameplay too, with attention paid to the post and mid-range game. There are also reworks to the transition game to replicate the game style of the 1980’s, including tighter transition lanes and more players cutting to the basket with a numbers advantage.

According to producer Zach Timmerman, this mode has been brought back to NBA 2K23 to repackage and reintroduce the story of Michael Jordan to a new generation of NBA fans. The thought process being, a lot of younger players may not have played the games over a decade ago, and there’s a story there worth knowing if you’re a basketball head.

What do you think of the return of The Jordan Challenge? Are you excited to give it a go? For more NBA 2K23 info, check out our article on the NBA 2K23 gameplay changes reveal that took place last week.

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