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NBA 2K23 gameplay changes have been revealed - improved accessibility, new techniques, and better AI

And so, so much more.

NBA 2K23 is nearly with us, releasing September 9 this year. In the build up to launch, we’ve learnt a lot about the gameplay changes coming to the hugely popular basketball game. This includes improvements to shooting, dribbling, and blocking with new gesture combos, AI improvements, accessibility features and more.

We’ve broken down each major change coming with the latest release from 2K, so if you want to hit the court running, check out each major gameplay change coming to NBA 2K23 below!

Watch the NBA 2K23 trailer here!

First, there’s the pro stick and a vast selection of new gesture combos coming to it. Players have been able to flick or hold the stick to do more complex shots since 2K21, but with this entry, a new selection of options are coming for dexterous players. Speaking of shots, skill dunks were a tad too strong last year, so that’s been touched up to be more complex. This includes a physics-based rim hanging system.

There are also five new shot metres with NBA 2K23, with 15 more being unlockable throughout the seasons. Players who enjoyed a particular shot metre in previous titles, or who just want to mix things up a bit, will have plenty to choose from for the sake of variety and customization. On top of this, new shooting attributes give each signature jump shot its own unique shooting stats that help determine its effectiveness. Shot speed, relative height, defensive immunity and timing have all been applied to shots on net.

In addition, a nerf is coming to shot blocks which were very powerful last year. This was apparently intentionally to make defence as strong as offence, but with NBA 2K23, this has been dialled back in the name of realism and balance. On the other side of the coin, ball strips are stronger, meaning your smaller players can flip the game on its head in a well-timed aggressive play.

In addition, there are new scoop layups and contact layups in the game, which should go a long way in making strong players on your roster feel strong as they weave around players on the other team.

NBA 2K23 dunk

There has also been a sweep of AI improvements coming to NBA 2K23, meaning computer-controlled teams will be able to better adapt and respond to your players for a more exciting offline experience. If you’ve always struggled with the NBA titles, a new rookie difficulty is being added, as well as a semi-pro difficulty meant to bridge the gap between easier options and pro.

The final major change coming with NBA 2K23 are revamped badges and team takeovers. There are 16 badges for each of the four attributes, and while in the past players would just pick the strongest options, they will now have to think about their options and pick wisely. When it comes to takeover metre, in the past it would fill up with three overall team bars. Now, it’s a cooperative team system, with each player contributing to a takeover “bucket”. When all players are filled up, takeover will trigger.

That wraps up all the major changes coming to NBA 2K23! What are your thoughts on these changes? Let us know below if they’ve got you excited or disappointed!

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