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How to earn VC fast in NBA 2K23

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NBA 2K23 VC is your ticket to stronger players and a broader selection of stars to choose from, but it doesn’t come cheap – except when it’s free. While you can pay for VC in NBA 2K23, an abundance of methods to get it for free mean you really shouldn’t shell out for the digital currency. You have a number of ways to earn VC each day in hardly any time at all at your disposal.

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What is VC in NBA 2K23?

VC is NBA 2K23’s primary currency. You use it to buy new card packs and, equally as important, to train your players and level up stats. Unlike NBA 2K22, this year’s game has no training room. The only way to raise attributes comes from spending VC, but lucky for you, NBA 2K23 has no shortage of methods to earn the shiny stuff.

How do you earn VC fast in NBA 2K23?

One of the easiest ways to earn VC is watching 2KTV and answering each episode’s questions (correctly). It takes barely any time, though since NBA 2K23 only recently released, fewer 2KTV episodes are available. Expect that to change in the weeks and months following launch.

MyCareer Daily Challenge

Check your quest journal each day in MyCareer and complete the daily challenge for a fast, easy, and, more importantly, relaible way to get VC.

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Daily Rewards and Daily Trivia

Head to MyCareer’s hub area each day, and you can claim your daily rewards, which include VC. Pull up your smartphone to access the trivia challenge each day, and answer correctly to earn even more VC.

Locker Codes

The developers occasionally issue locker codes that give you VC for free. VC doesn’t always count among the redemption rewards, though. Sometimes, you get accessories or card packs instead, so check back regularly to see what’s on offer.

MVP Objectives

Some MVP rewards include VC, Given how long it takes to earn MVP points, this technically isn’t a fast method, but it is free at least.

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