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Over 20 years later, we're getting a new Fatal Fury game

Garou and Fatal Fury fans, get your sticks ready – there's a new game coming, two decades after the last one launched.

It was a big weekend over at EVO 2022: as well getting new character announcements for Street Fighter 6, and what appears to be a Tekken 8 teaser, SNK announced that we'll be getting a new entry in the fan-favourite, long-dead Fatal Fury/Garou series, too!

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This new game – of which we currently know precious little about – will be the first entry in the series since Garou: Mark of the Wolves. Which launched way back in 1999. Some 23 years ago. Talk about a comeback, right?

As was the case with SNK's other recent fighting game, King of Fighters 15, no release window or platforms have been named. You can probably expect to wait quite a while for that info; we didn't get more specific information until quite late into the KoF 15 marketing cycle.

Literally, all we know so far is that the game has been greenlit, and is in development – a short teaser trailer and a single piece of artwork featuring Rock Howard have been revealed, and that's about it. The developer hasn't even got a placeholder name – officially, it's "New Fatal Fury/Garou".

"The City of Legend Still Breathes", "Hungry Wolves Back on the Prowl", and "A New Destiny Hidden In Darkness" are all phrases that appear during the trailer, if that gives you any idea about what to expect. You may have met some of the Fatal Fury/Garou characters in other SNK games since the series disappeared: Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, Joe Higashi and Geese Howard (see also: Tekken 7) all got their start in the series.

For anyone that's got great taste in SNK arcade fighters, this will likely be great news. Garou: Mark of the Wolves is a fan favourite and cult hit, and if this new title is even slightly similar to that classic, we're in for a bloody good time.

It's worth noting that the Mohammad bin Salman Charity Foundation owns a controlling stake in SNK, the famous Japanese fighting games company. There have been some unflattering allegations leveled at the organisation – otherwise known as Misk – in recent years, such as when the organization came under fire with the US Justice Department. Misk has stated that its goal is to invest in initiatives that will help "cultivate and encourage learning and leadership in youth for a better future in Saudi Arabia."

The company's majority stake in SNK remains controversial amongst fans of the developer.

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