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Gothic Remake trailer takes you on a visit to the Old Mine

Spiders. Why did it have to be spiders?

THQ Nordic has released a new trailer for Gothic Remake that takes you into the Old Mine, a place that would be terrible for a picnic.

In development with Alkimia Interactive, the team’s focus and ambition is to build high-quality remake of the RPG which is set to be released for PC and next-gen consoles.

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In December 2019, THQ Nordic released a playable Gothic remake prototype asking for public opinion on a possible modern remake of the classic RPG. The playable teaser appeared in the Steam Library of everyone who owned a game from Piranha Bytes.

Gothic is a fantasy-themed action RPG originally developed by Piranha Bytes. Set in a medieval world where humans and Orcs are battling it out, things aren't going so well for the humans. More powerful weapons are needed to win the war, so the king uses convict workers in his mining colony to extract magical ore from mines to make said powerful weapons.

But things are going so well. The magical dome erected to keep convicts from escaping the mining colony has gone haywire and covered the entire valley. This barrier has also trapped the magicians in charge of the dome inside and has provided the convicts with the opportunity to take control over the colony.

The result was the formation of three different convict factions and the magicians split into two groups.

You, an unnamed prisoner, will join one of the three mining factions and due to certain circumstances in the game, eventually become tasked with defeating a demon called the Sleeper who was summoned by the Orcs. You will also work toward your ultimate goal of setting the prisoners of the colony free.

A release window for Gothic Remake was not provided.

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