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Valorant announces new Champions bundle, event pass, and Twitch drops, here's how to claim

To celebrate Valorant Champions 2022, a new pass, bundle, and Twitch drops are being introduced.

Over the course of the past year, multiple teams across the world have gone head to head to try and claim one of the 16 spots in the Valorant Champions Tour. This is the ultimate Valorant tournament, and will be kicking off on August 31, running until September 18.

To celebrate the tourney and all those involved, Valorant is releasing a Champions 2022 bundle, a free event pass, and various Twitch and YouTube drops so that your average player need not miss out on any of the fun.

First things first, the limited edition Champions 2022 bundle will no doubt go down a treat. The last Champions cosmetic we saw was for the Vandal and karambit, and it still remains one of the more popular picks among players because of it's exclusivity and slick look. This time around, we're being given a glossy Phantom that I have no doubt will be just as admired.

There'll also be a flashy butterfly knife, and any Valorant player will know just how popular, and distracting, these fancy melee weapons are. To add to that, the knife will also have a special easter egg on the effect for the highest of fraggers; keep an eye out for it once you hit 25 kills!

Valorant Champions 2022 bundle is shown, featuring a phantom and butterfly knife melee
As if we needed another butterfly knife to fawn over.

The bundle will also include a trophy card, buddy, and spray, with 50% of the net proceeds from sales going to teams participating in the tournament. Additionally, these particular items will never appear in the Night Market, as a heads up.

As for the free Champions event pass, players will be able to earn a couple of rewards for simply playing Valorant during the event. The pass consists of the following seven levels, from first to last:

  • Jett Diff Spray
  • Gamer Title
  • 10 Radianite Points
  • Nice! Player Card
  • Potato Title
  • 10 Radianite Points
  • Champions 2022 Dad Hat Buddy
Rewards from Valorant's free Champions event pass are shown, including the Dad Hat buddy, Jett Diff Spray, and NICE! Card
That NICE! Card is pretty appealing.

Finally, there's going to be Twitch and YouTube content drops available throughout the event. To participate, simply make sure your Valorant account is connected to your Twitch or YouTube account, and tune into the VCT streams. Here's what you can earn, plus how to earn it!

  • Fire Title - Watch any live game between August 31 and September 13
  • 2022 VCT Champions Curse Spray - Watch any live game between September 16 and 17
  • 2022 VCT Champions Hero Card - Watch the live VCT Finals on September 18

Will you be tuning into Valorant Champions Tour at all? Or simply making the most of the free event pass? Let us know!

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