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Valorant's newest character is straight out of Jujutsu Kaisen

Domain expansion: Killing Contract.

Those currently enjoying Jujutsu Kaisen's second season might be interested in the newest agent coming to Valorant, Iso.

Currently, my anime-riddled brain isn't letting me think about much else outside of Jujutsu Kaisen, so when I saw Valorant's newest character, that's obviously the connection my brain made right off the bat. Iso was revealed earlier this week in a trailer that dived into a bit of his backstory. According to the trailer, he's a mysterious assassin that's managed to kill entire groups of people with just a single bullet, or at least so the story goes. The thing that's unique about him, though, is his ultimate ability Kill Contract.

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This is where the Jujutsu Kaisen vibes come in, as when used, you shoot out a column of energy, which drags in whichever opponent is closest to it. It then transports both of you into an enclosed arena, where you have to fight to the death. For those that haven't seen Jujutsu Kaisen, there are special abilities called domains which enclose your enemy in a separate space; essentially last ditch efforts that all but guarantee a win, so you can see where the comparisons can be drawn.

It's a genuinely cool ultimate, and offers up just as much risk as it does reward. It's certainly one where you need to be quick on the trigger. According to ValorLeaks, the ultimate lasts up to 15 seconds, and both players will die if no one has been killed at the end of it. Also shown off by ValorLeaks are Iso's other abilities; there's Contingency, which shoots out a wall of energy that can block bullets, Undercut, which lets you apply a brief fragile effect to anyone it touches, and Double Tap, an ability that when in effect, after you kill any enemy you can shoot an energy orb, which if successful gives you a shield that absorbs one instance of damage from anywhere.

You'll be able to play as Iso when he joins Valorant in Episode 7: Act 3 on October 31.

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