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Valorant's progressing system is changing, here's how

Agent Contracts are leaving Valorant, in favour of new ways to progress being added.

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Valorant will be welcoming Episode 7 on June 27, and it’s looking to be a pretty big update. Not only will players be receiving a completely new game mode, Team Deathmatch, but the way our in-game progression works is changing.

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If you’re hoping to prepare yourself before June 27, what exactly are the changes going to be? Well, you can bid farewell to the Agent Contracts you’ll have no doubt been grinding since the dawn of time.

Agents will now be unlocked via a 28-day Agent Recruitment event, which will occur following the release of a new Agent. These Agents will still take quite the grind to unlock, but can still be purchased outright with Valorant Points if you don’t feel like waiting.

On top of this, a new currency is coming to the game. The free currency, coined Kingdom Credits, are available as a reward for playing games alongside XP and AP. You can then use these credits to unlock Agents, Agent cosmetics (the items previously in their contracts), and even cosmetics from previous battle passes, such as sprays, gun buddies, player cards, and titles. There’ll sadly be no way to purchase older battle pass skins still, however.

Image credit: Riot Games

The Kingdom Credits store will function on a rotating basis, much like the cosmetics store in Valorant. That said, cosmetics will rotate daily, while the Kingdom Credits store will rotate weekly instead. It’s also worth noting that the amount of Kingdom Credits you can have at any one time will also be capped at 10,000. So, you’ll want to spend them where you can rather than save them up.

Last, but not least, Daily Missions are also changing. Dailies will now feature Checkpoints, and you’ll be able to progress with them by playing any game mode in Valorant. No longer will you be forced into Unrated, Competitive, or Swift Play to complete these daily milestones.

Perhaps the best change of them all, however, is that Daily Missions will now stack somewhat. This means that if you miss a day of playing Valorant for whatever reason, you’re not going to miss out on the additional XP you could’ve earnt from your Dailies as you'll be able to do your Dailies the following day with an 2x multiplier added to one of them. You’ll be able to play catch-up with your Dailies in any game mode, and not miss out on your XP or Kingdom Credits from the tasks.

You can learn more about the changes coming to Valorant during Episode 7 in the Progression Update FAQ on Riot Games’ website. All in all, what do you think of the changes to progression? I certainly like the look of it, but I’ll need to see it all in practice to decide if I’m a fan or not.

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