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Valorant reveals new Agent, Gekko, and his adorable abilities

Move over, Sage. We’ve got Wingman now.

Valorant has revealed its latest Agent to grace the roster of heroes, and that’s Gekko. From Los Angeles, Gekko is the tactical shooter’s latest Initiator, and he has a whole host of adorable abilities to show off during a match.

Much like Skye’s animal-infused abilities which see her using a Tasmanian tiger and a hawk to get the advantage in-game, Gekko’s abilities also feature some unique creatures that I can’t wait to see running around.

Gekko’s abilities faced a unique challenge during development, given that there was an “additional criteria in the mix” for them; “each ability was also one of Gekko’s buddies, characters unto themselves,” says Valorant’s narrative writer, Joe Killeen.

Gekko uses his Thrash ability on Fracture in Valorant

Each ability quickly became a creature nickname simultaneously, and there we have it. Gekko’s abilities, but also his buddies, are named Dizzy, Wingman, Thrash, and Mosh, and look awfully cute in Gekko's launch trailer embedded above.

Gekko’s adorable abilities work as follows:

  • Dizzy (E)

Fire to send Dizzy out to seek enemies. They will charge and fire plasma blasts at enemies in their line of sight, and those hit will be blinded.

When Dizzy expires, she becomes dormant again. Interact with her to reclaim, and reuse Dizzy after a short cooldown.

  • Wingman (Q)

Fire to send Wingman out to seek enemies. Wingman uses a concussive blast on the first enemy he sees.

Alt fire when targeting a Spike site to have Wingman plant the spike; Gekko must have the Spike on his person for this to work. Or, alt fire when targeting a planted Spike to have Dizzy defuse it.

When Wingman expires, they become dormant. Interact with it to retrieve the ability, and reuse it again after a short cooldown.

Gekko's ability, Wingman, goes to plant the spike on Icebox in Valorant
  • Mosh Pit (C)

Fire to throw Mosh like a grenade.

Alt fire to throw Mosh like a grenade, underhand.

When Mosh lands, they duplicate over a large area, and will explode after a brief delay.

  • Thrash (X)

Fire Thrash and use her similarly to Skye’s Trailblazer ability. Manoeuvre Thrash through an area, and activate Trash to have them lunge forward at an enemy. They will explode and detain any caught enemies in a small radius.

After expiring, retrieve the dormant Thrash to be able to reuse the ability after a short cooldown.

I’ve got back into Valorant recently after a few months away from the game, and while I have a love/hate relationship with the most recent map, Lotus, Gekko looks like he’s going to be a lot of fun. Put it this way, I imagine we’ll see Gekko selected a lot more than recent Agent, Harbor has been, anyway.

Gekko will be joining Valorant’s roster of Agents when Episode 6 Act 2 launches on March 7.

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