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Tower of Fantasy Character Customisation: How to change appearance and gender

Seen a preset that you really like? Or just fancy a change?

So, you've been exploring the scenic world of Aida in Tower of Fantasy, and you've no doubt already customised your character while in Astra. Yet, you've picked up lots of resources during your exploration, met some super cool Simulacras, and have now decided that you want to change your look.

The character customisation options on offer in Tower of Fantasy are certainly a highlight. You can choose between outfits, transform their colours, and modify your face and hair to your hearts content. That being said, once you leave the safety of starting region Astra, how exactly do you go about changing your appearance and gender or sex in Tower of Fantasy?

It's fortunately very easy, but does come with a small cost. In this guide, we explain how to change your character's appearance and gender in Tower of Fantasy.

How do I change my appearance in Tower of Fantasy?

To change your appearance in Tower of Fantasy - whether it is your outfit or your physical appearance - you'll first need to open the Backpack.

From here, just to the right of your character will be a grey 'Outfits' icon, Select this and you'll be taken to the Outfits tab; you can change your outfit or switch up the colours of it here.

The Backpack in Tower of Fantasy.
The Outfits button is easy to miss.

To change your hair or face, click the small hair-shaped icon that is to the right of the Outfits tab's button. You can now change your physical appearance however you please!

The Outfits menu in Tower of Fantasy.
Here's all the most important buttons that you'll need here!

Each time you choose to change your outfit's colours or your physical appearance, you'll need to use a Beauty Restore Voucher which are often earnt from story quests and explorations. Once you've used these, you'll be charged 100 Dark Crystals instead for each time you adjust something. So, make sure you're certain of that colour scheme or hairstyle before saving.

You can also pick from Presets made by other players by selecting the Lobby icon.

How do I change my gender in Tower of Fantasy?

To change your character's sex in Tower of Fantasy, open up your Backpack again and select the Character tab in the lower left corner, or you can press 'C' on PC.

By your avatar is a little icon symbolising your character's sex. Simply select this in order to change the sex of your character. You'll notice that this has no effect on the physical appearance of your character, and they will continue to present as the original sex you chose.

The Character menu in Tower of Fantasy.
Changing the sex of your character doesn't change how they appear.

Right now, we're not sure if this is supposed to happen, or if it's some sort of bug. Level Infinite are yet to acknowledge this, but we'll update this space if anything changes.

That's all there is to changing your character's appearance and gender in Tower of Fantasy. For more on the fantasy RPG, check out our guides to farming Nuclei, and our tier list of the best Relics to choose from.

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