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Gotham Knights trailer shows off Red Hood and his definitely non-lethal fighting style

We promise, he's not killing anyone with those guns.

Gotham Knights has steadily been showing us different members of the Bat family, with the latest trailer giving us a look at the rowdy Red Hood.

Batman's whole deal, typically anyway, is that he doesn't kill anybody. That obviously has something to do with his own parents being killed, which he didn't exactly respond to in the most healthy way, but you still, it's a pretty hard rule. That rule doesn't apply so much to Red Hood, aka Jason Todd, a former Robin, as you can see in the most recent trailer and the frequency with which he shoots people.

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OK so technically if you look at his character page on the official website, he has supposedly "embraced Batman's non-lethal combat methods," but his character trailer sure does show him using a whole lot of violent combat methods, and he still does dual wield a couple of pistols.

The trailer goes a bit into Red Hood's motivations for protecting Gotham, which seems to be rooted in Batman himself giving Jason a purpose. And we also get a look at a very spiky looking costume for Red Hood too.

Footage for the trailer is all in-engine, and shows off his powers that stem from the Lazarus Pit, including his double jump power that still honestly just looks incredibly goofy. Obviously he's got to have a way to get around Gotham, but the spectral bounce pads maybe weren't the way to go.

An earlier trailer gave us a look at the very first Robin, now better known as Nightwing, in all his fight-stick smacking glory. And most recently we saw Batgirl kicking some ass in her own trailer.

There's plenty to know about Gotham Knights and all of its edition and pre-order benefits, so best to be equipped before it launches October 25. It's currently on the list of upcoming games that haven't been cancelled, but considering it's already had numerous delays, we hopefully shouldn't have to worry about it too much.

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