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Gotham Knights – How to unlock suits, transmogs and colorways

Change your look in Gotham Knights, and do it often.

One of the most impressive things about Gotham Knights is the number of unique suits and different colour variants it has for each of its four heroes. Most of these can be unlocked simply by playing the game, but the requirements (and grind) can vary.

In this guide, we’ll explain how you can unlock all 14 suits, the different colorways for each of them, as well as their transmogs.

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How unlocking suits works in Gotham Knights

Before we get into the specifics for each one, we need to first go over how the whole process works. Suits in Gotham Knights are unlocked in one of two ways: you either get a blueprint (gear piece) that you can later craft, or get the suit transmog as a reward for story/side missions.

If you check your Loadout and Crafting tabs, you’ll see that all the different item names don’t match up with the suits found under the Styles tab. The layout of that menu is a little misleading, so don’t feel bad if you’re confused.

What you need to look for is found on the right side of the screen. Right under the stats for the gear piece you’re viewing, you’ll find the actual Style it represents. This is what you need to pay attention to if you want to unlock all of them.

Even if the stats of the suit you’re looking at are below your level, crafting it simply to get the Style is well worth it. That way, you can later use that Style as a transmog option. If it’s been a while since you’ve seen a new drop, check your Crafting menu; you might already have what you need but never crafted it.

The exception(s) to this are the deluxe edition suits, which can only be acquired by paying extra for that version of the game, or by later buying the Visionary Pack DLC.

In short: most suits are available as gear drops, but only few are transmogs (meaning they cannot be customised).

How to unlock suits in Gotham Knights

As we just explained, unlocking a suit is a matter of doing the thing associated with them. Sometimes that’s simply finishing a story/side mission or one of the many open-world activities (like Batman’s secret caches). Other times, they’re random drops from, well, playing the game.

When a suit blueprint drops, you’ll see a blue holographic square. When picked up, you’ll later be able to craft it. The good news is that suits unlock for all heroes, with the exception of the Titan suit.

Sadly, you can't quite look as cool as this.

How to unlock New Guard, Knightwatch, and Beyond suits

The New Guard suit Style is unlocked by default after starting the game. This is basically the default look of all four heroes.

Getting the deluxe edition of the game unlocks transmogs for the Knightwatch suits, designed by comic legend Jim Lee. They’re also part of the Visionary Pack, which is priced $25.

The same pack/deluxe edition also unlocks the Beyond suit Style early, but you can find that by playing the game. The Beyond transmog, however, is a reward for finishing the early parts of Lucius Fox’ quest.

How to unlock Eeternal, Metal, Neon Noir, and Privateer suits

All four of these suits can be found as random gear drops from defeating enemies. The transmog versions are tied to completing individual steps of Lucius Fox’s crafting challenge.

Each step is named after the suit itself, so once crafted, you’ll unlock the transmog and finish that part of the challenge.

How to unlock the Talon suit

Unlocking the Talon suit is the hardest because it’s hidden behind what’s essentially a secret side activity. As you roam Gotham, you’ll get random calls from Alfred alerting you about “an odd energy signature” nearby. This only happens after finishing the Powers Club mission, because you get a certain item at the end of it that will let you access Court of Owls’ hideouts and unlocking other secrets.

When you get the call, carefully examine your surroundings. You're looking for a mural highlighted in green sculptured onto a nearby wall. The game does not tell you where that is, but when you do find and scan it, you’ll receive a generous cache of Salvage (crafting materials).

There are five of these hidden across Gotham. Once you have examined all five, you’ll get the Talon transmog.

You can get a suit inspired by those guys.

How to unlock Demon, and Shinobi suits

The Demon, and Shinobi suits are similarly difficult to unlock. The gear pieces themselves only drop very late into the game.

The transmog is locked behind another crafting challenge. As a good rule of thumb, the gear piece you’re after typically gets added to the loot pool once the associated crafting challenge arrives in your queue.

Those two suits arrive fairly late into the game, too.

Hows to unlock the Year One suit

Like most suits, you can find gear pieces as random drops, which unlock the Year One suit for crafting and customisation. However, the only way to unlock the Year One transmog is to collect all 60 Batarangs.

We have a handy guide of all Batarang locations, which you should definitely bookmark before starting that journey.

How to unlock the Knight Ops suit

The Knight Ops is likewise available as a gear drop from random nightly encounters. As you might have already guessed, unlocking the transmog is tied to a quest.

In this case, it’s locating and unlocking all of Batman’s secret caches.

How to unlock the Titan suit

Titan is the only suit that must be unlocked for each hero individually. To get it for your character, you need to finish their own Knighthood quest. This has to be done for each of the four heroes, which also unlocks the ability to glide for your chosen knight.

How to unlock the Knighthood suit

The Knightgood transmog is your reward for finishing the main story of Gotham Knights. You’ll get one for each hero, regardless of who you were playing as when you finished the game.

Is Gotham Knights worth it?

How to unlock colorways in Gotham Knights

Unlocking colorways is unfortunately a lot more grindy and random compared to suits. Most colours that don’t already drop on the blueprint/piece of gear itself can be unlocked randomly by playing side activities.

Gotham Knights doesn't specify what you need to do to unlock which colours, so just keep solving crimes and you’ll eventually get all of them. That said, it’s a good idea to check your Crafting tab in this instance as well.

Like the suits themselves, one blueprint you might already have could feature the colour you’re looking for, but it won’t be unlocked unless you craft it. Even if its stats are useless, it’s worth crafting then salvaging later for its cosmetics.

The game’s deluxe edition, and the $25 Visionary Pack DLC include three exclusive colorways which cannot be obtained in any other way. They are Ultra Zur-En-Arrh, Chroma Frost, and Tribute Asylum.

Beyond that, some colorways are locked behind certain challenges, most notably crafting challenges. Keep checking that tab and you’ll see as they gradually become available.

While you're here, why not take a gander at our extensive Gotham Knights tips, and this FAQ that answers many of the most common questions?

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