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How to easily solve the GCPD morgue puzzle in Gotham Knights

Your first real investigation in Gotham Knights is one that will take you a little bit to solve.

Now that you’re familiar with Gotham Knights’ crime scene investigation mechanic, it’s time for your first real test of detective skills.

The GCPD mission is the next major point in the story, and it’s designed to introduce you to a number of crucial systems you’re going to be relying on over the course of the game.

Assuming you’ve done your interrogation, gathered your clues, and made your way inside the GCPD’s Forensics Wing, your next objective is to reach the morgue.

What awaits you there, other than a cutscene, is Langstrom’s dead body on the autopsy table, which is where you’ll spend the next few minutes.

In this guide, we’ll cover how to solve this puzzle and unlock the data Langstrom has hidden.

How to solve the GCPD morgue puzzle

Dr. Langstrom’s lies dead, and our goal is to figure out which device he used as a bio-decryption key. As you’ve done before, you need to rely on your deductive skills to read the information available, and decide which two objects to pair together to solve the case.

Of course, you can always tap the AR scan button to gather even more details about what you’ve already discovered, in case you’re feeling lost.

The solution in this case is connecting the Blood Glucometer to the blood vial. Seeing as the device is used to measure diabetes in blood, it makes sense to connect the two.

Once you do, you’ll be awarded with the data, which the crafty Dr. Langstrom made sure can only be unlocked using his blood. Then, all you need to do is take the data back to the Batcomputer at the Belfry to unlock the next part of the story.

If you're still unclear on how this whole thing works, check out our crime scene guide for everything you need to know about this mechanic. For more general tips and recommendations, our Gotham Knights tips are essential reading.

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