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Gotham Knights: how to achieve Knighthood and unlock all character movement abilities for faster traversal

Travel around Gotham not riding a bike, but flying, teleporting, and gliding through the air.

No one likes to walk around in open world games. Some even turn traversal itself into a game mechanic that you do just because it feels fun.

Gotham Knights is an open-world game that offers several ways to get around its world. When you first start it, you’ll be able to call the Batcycle practically anywhere, and drive it around Gotham. If you’d rather not be on the ground, all four heroes can also grapple into pointy edges, perches, spires, arches, rooftops and anything that can be used as an anchor point.

The grapple animation, however, is slow, and doesn’t propel you forward in the same way it did in Arkham. You can cue a jump to get a boost of speed and travel some distance once you reach your destination, but that’s about it.

You can’t upgrade the grapple at all, but the good news is that each of the four heroes gets their own solution to traversing Gotham through the air. The bad news is that you’ll have to unlock it for each of them separately.

The gang addresses the Gotham Knights situation.

How to unlock Batgirl's Glide, Nightwing's Flying Trapeze, Robin's Slideways, and Red Hood's Leap

While all Gotham Knights heroes level up together and share experience gains - even the ones you never play as - the same is not true for Heroic Traversal upgrades. Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, and Red Hood each require the completion of their Knighthood quest in order to earn those upgrades.

The requirements are the same for all four, but you’ll have to repeat them for each hero. At the end of the process, you’ll get a prompt for a cutscene at Batman’s shrine at the Belfry, which will unlock what you need.

There are only three challenges needed to unlock traversal upgrades and achieve Knighthood (which even comes with a cool costume). Here they are:

Timed Strike Training

Your first order of business is finishing the Timed Strike Training. Head to the training dummy at the Belfry (found to the left of the Batcomputer against the wall), navigate to Advanced Training and pick Timed Strikes.

Even if it has a green checkmark next to it, you still need to do it with every hero. It’s an easy one, and only takes a minute or two to complete.

Against All Odds

Once you’re done with the training, it’s time for Against All Odds. This challenge wants you to defeat three minibosses anywhere in Gotham. It doesn’t matter if you run into them in the open world or inside of missions. A miniboss is anyone leading a pack of regular enemies. They’re typically larger in size and have a shield/unique ability that makes them easy to spot.

If you’re still not sure who counts as a miniboss, check the Database tab. Under Profiles, you’ll find a whole section of all the factions in the game that will help you learn their hierarchy.

Three is not many, especially if you spend a few minutes patrolling looking for crimes.

You want that, don't you?

One Step Ahead

We suggest leaving the third and final challenge, One Step Ahead, until the end; it's a tedious one. You need to stop ten Premeditated Crimes in the open world. In order for those to show up, of course, you need to interrogate criminals to see what they’re planning in future nights.

This is a bit of a grind, so we don’t recommend doing it for all four heroes in quick succession as it’s not a fun way to play Gotham Knights. If you play the game normally, you’ll find yourself making progress on the quest organically.

You can, of course, focus on getting all ten for your chosen hero until you’ve unlocked their traversal tool. If you’re struggling to find crimes to solve, try interrogating as many criminals as possible before you return to the Belfry.

Remember, crimes you learn about through interrogation mostly take place during the next night, though they can sometimes lead to discovering active crimes during the current night. So when the well runs dry, do the rounds, beat up a few baddies, and return to the Belfry to upload your findings to the Batcomputer.

Now, all that's left to do is approach the Batman shrine at the Belfry to get your reward.

If you're just getting started on your quest to protect Gotham, we have several major Gotham Knights tips that cover pretty much everything. Well worth a read!

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