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How crime scene puzzles in Gotham Knights work, and how to easily solve the Gotham University puzzle

The first of many such puzzles in Gotham Knights is simple, but if you understand what it's trying to teach you, you'll improve your detective game in no time.

After mourning the loss of Batman, Gotham Knights turns control over to the Bat Family to continue Bruce’s mission. With Batman gone, the first order of business is to solve the last case he was working on.

This will take you to Gotham University, where you’ll find your first story mission. Following a brief movement tutorial, you’ll be introduced to the investigation mechanic, which will teach you how to observe your environment, and analyse clues to come to the right conclusion at crime scenes.

This first crime scene is fairly simple, but we thought we’d explain how all of these puzzles work in Gotham Knights, and how to quickly identify clues and solve cases. We’ve also included a guide for Langstrom’s Lab puzzle.

Connor, Jim, and myself discuss our time with Gotham Knights.

How crime scene investigations work in Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights has several investigation puzzles. The more difficult and unique crime scenes are found in story missions, but you’ll occasionally also come across a few of them in the open world, too.

Once you know what to do, all that’s left will be using the context of the current situation and the information available to you to reach a conclusion. The good news is that there is only one way to solve each one, so if you’re ever stuck, keep trying!

First and foremost, pay attention to the cutscene that precedes the investigation itself. If you know what you’re looking for, it will make finding it (mostly) straightforward.

That aside, your number one ally is the AR button. By hitting down on the DPAD, you send an augmented reality scan that highlights objects of interest, blood trails and so on. Moving your camera around will bring these objects into focus.

Now, you need to read the text and watch for the bolded sentences. This will help you rule out the cruft and potentially nominate candidates for how to proceed. Once you’ve collected all available information, the objective will change to alert you to the final step.

Now, all you need to do is connect the dots. In this phase, you want to link two objects together. This is sometimes required for different sets of objects, which means you’ll have to find the right pair every time.

Clues you’re meant to connect will be marked with the magnifying glass icon, everything else is just for context. Read the text and see which two can connect, and try it.

For instance, you might find the secret code to be someone’s birthday, a phone number, a movie’s release date and so on. Mark the two objects you think are the solve, and hit Solve.

How to solve Dr. Langstrom’s Lab crime scene puzzle

In this puzzle, your goal is to analyse clues and figure out how to operate the hidden mechanism under the floor which unlocks the secret door behind the cabinet.

The assumption here is that there’s a keypad somewhere that opens this door, and we need to first find which number pad that is, and the passcode itself.

The microwave keypad is what we need, and the combination is a phone number found on a sticky note on the back of the notebook. It’s 127, so by connecting the sticky note to the microwave keypad and hitting Solve, you unlock the secret door.

With that out of the way, you’re free to move forward.

For the next puzzle in Gotham Knights at the GCPD morgue, click the link. For our essential Gotham Knights tips will save you a lot of frustration.

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