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How do you unlock Hell difficulty in Diablo Immortal?

Going to hell, handbasket not required

Changing difficulty in Diablo Immortal is something beyond your reach for a while. Diablo Immortal has six difficulty modes in total, counting the default normal mode, and while it takes a while to unlock them all, the rewards are worth it. Along with more experience, you get a better chance at earning gear drops in dungeons, which is almost essential for the endgame grind

How do you unlock Hell difficulty in Diablo Immortal?

Hell Difficulty I unlocks once you reach character level 60 and unlock the Paragon system. Paragon lets you continue gaining experience and leveling up after reaching the character level cap, and it has multiple levels of its own.

You’ll gain Paragon levels just by earning experience, so there isn’t anything special you have to do to rise through the ranks.

Each new Hell tier up to Hell V opens once you reach a new Paragon threshold, but you also need to meet the minimum Combat Rating.

All Diablo Immortal difficulties

A party in Diablo Immortal faces enemies on Hell difficulty

  • Normal: Default
  • Hell I: Paragon level 0, Combat Rating 520
  • Hell II: Paragon level 30, Combat Rating 1220
  • Hell III: Paragon level 90, Combat Rating 2120
  • Hell IV: Paragon level 160, Combat Rating 3250
  • Hell V: Paragon level 240, Combat Rating, 5025

To change the difficulty, travel to Westmarch. Open the map, and tap the skull icon, then choose what setting you want from there.

What does changing difficulty affect in Diablo Immortal?

The enemies you face in raids, dungeons, and the world map are stronger, as you’d expect, and on higher difficulty levels, they also gain new modifiers that make them even deadlier. On the bright side, you also get more loot and more experience, and you may start getting drops for secondary equipment in dungeons.

If you're still getting started in Diablo Immortal, our guides for Legendary Gems and farming Legendary equipment will help prepare you for the endgame Cycle of Strife.

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