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Diablo Immortal: Legendary gear farming guide

How to find the right equipment for your class, quickly and easily.

Filling out your character with a full set of legendary gear should be your first main goal as soon as you hit max level in Diablo Immortal. Paired with legendary gems, they’re the main source of power for your character providing important modifiers and buffs to a variety of abilities in your arsenal.

So to help you find the legendary gear you’re looking for, we’ve written this quick guide on how to farm legendary gear in Diablo Immortal. In it, we’ve provided our pick for the best legendary farming spot, some activities you can do that can also earn legendaries at a decent rate, and a rundown on what legendary gear is.

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What is legendary gear in Diablo Immortal?

Legendary gear are weapons and armour that come with unique modifiers that affect a specific ability for your character. In addition, they come with the highest gear score relative to other rarity pieces of gear you can equip. As such, you’ll eventually want to deck yourself out with a full set of legendary gear in your helmet, shoulders, chest, legs, and weapons slots.

Legendary essence extraction in Diablo Immortal
Once you get a new legendary, you'll have access to that ability via essence transfer permanantly.

However, as you start pushing into the end game, you’ll want to swap out any old piece of legendary gear with pieces that directly compliment a build you’re building towards. For example, if you’re a barbarian going for a Whirlwind-focused build, you’ll want to equip a legendary piece of gear that provides additional boons to the Whirlwind ability.

It’s worth noting that you can’t earn legendary gear for the left equipment slots on your character - that means the rings, gloves, waist, boots, and amulet slot aren’t something you have to worry about.

Best Legendary farming spot in Diablo Immortal

If you’re looking to spend some time at the grindstone farming out some legendary weapons, you’ll want to head over to the Library of Zultun Kulle, specifically the Hidden Alcove waypoint by the crafting NPCs.

From there, head north east to the large rectangular room nearby. There are several reason why this spot is a particularly good farming spot for legendary gear:

The Hidden Alcove in Diablo Immortal
This is the sweet spot you're looking for if you've got some time to farm.
  • High density of general enemy spawns, which while not being a great source of legendary gear, do still have a chance to drop it. As such, they’re worth clearing out during quiet periods.
  • Decent spawn rate of rare monsters, viewable on your mini-map through blue, purple, and yellow skulls when nearby. All of these have a more valuable loot table than your typical enemy, with the yellow enemies having an especially good chance at dropping valuable loot including legendary gear.
  • Proximity to a teleporter and a blacksmith, identifier, and bestiary. This means everything you could potentially need during long farming sessions is present within a short walking distance.

Best activities to do for Legendary gear drops

If you don’t fancy hunkering down and doing a bit of farming, there are a few daily activities you should go out of your way to do for a decent chance at a legendary reward.

The first tasks you should do everyday are your daily bounties, since they don’t take a huge amount of time and provide a decent bundle of weapons and armour pieces as a reward. Now, the chances of getting a legendary weapon are still rare here, but you’ll not want to disregard any potential source of loot if you’ve got a mind to farm legendary peices out.

On the same dime, your three daily bestiary pages are another avenue of legendary weapons that you can work on daily. It’s a largely passive activity you’ll progress through as you continue playing and completing PvE content, just be sure to pop back to a Bestiary every time you earn 10 monstrous essence for an influx of loot and the chance at a legendary drop.

But what is perhaps the best source of legendary gear in the game bar-none are Elder Rifts. These mini-dungeons are a brilliant source of gem crafting materials as well as potentially a huge amount of legendary gear. However, there’s a catch. Since you’re playing Diablo Immortal, your best chances at getting loads of valuable loot from Elder Rifts comes with the caveat that you’ll need crests to significantly increase your odds.

The free rare crest daily reward in Diablo Immortal
It's crucial to grab your daily crest reward if you want to get as much legendary loot as possible!

Rare Crests are a great option for f2p players as you can collect one for free every day from the Elder Rift pedestal in Westmarch. If you’re planning on doing this, we recommend saving each crest you collect every day until you have a total of three available, then drop three at once in a single rift to maximise your odds of netting the best rewards.

However, if you’re willing to drop a bit of cash on legendary crests - which are only available via real-money purchases and are kinda gross - you’ll get even higher odds of securing the bag and earning a huge amount of legendary gear. It’s not uncommon for a player dropping three legendary crests in a single Elder Rift run to come away with multiple legendary gear pieces.

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