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Diablo Immortal endgame guide | Should you choose Shadows or Immortals?

Picking a faction in Diablo Immortal's endgame gives you a greater chance of earning high-level loot.

Deciding whether to join the Shadows or Immortals is one of the more important decisions you’ll make in Diablo Immortal’s endgame. Both factions have unique buffs and rewards, though the Immortals have the most to offer for players willing to spend a good deal of time grinding activities and contributing to their faction. For now, though, you’ll only be able to join one of them.

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What is the difference between the Shadows and Immortals?

While both factions require you to be at least level 43, that’s pretty much where the similarities end.

Members of the Immortals get:

  • Buffs from the Eternal Crown as their rank improves
  • Unique abilities for the Lieutenants and Immortal Leader
  • Special cosmetics
  • A chance to earn rare gear from the Vault each week, including Legendary items
  • Access to special equipment from the Hilts Vendor

In return, you’re expected to take part in Immortals activities on a daily basis, earning Essentia for the faction’s vaults and taking part in other trials, such as Kion’s Ordeal and the Rite of Exile. Should the faction believe your contributions are too paltry, they can vote to kick you out.

Those who do contribute will gradually see their Immortals rank rise. Everyone starts as a member, the equivalent of an Immortals grunt who gets no special benefits. Other ranks include Elites, Lieutenants, and the Immortal Leader, though there can only be 300 Immortals on a given server.

Shadows get more work, fewer rewards, and greater instability.

The Shadows' perks are:

  • Stealing items from the Immortals’ vault
  • 1% damage and defense buff for the entire clan each time your rank increases
  • A chance at Legendary gear for completing weekly contracts

And that’s about it.

The Shadows are divided into ranks, and if you don’t end up in one of the top ranks by the time the Cycle of Strife comes to an end, you’re automatically booted from the Shadows. That means you have to either receive an invitation with Akeba’s Signet or win the Shadow Lottery again to start the process over.

Should you succeed in rising through the ranks, you’ll take on the Immortals in a months-long battle, with the goal of supplanting them and becoming new Immortals. What are the Adventurers in Diablo Immortal?

The Adventurers are your default faction, essentially, the one you’ll revert back to if the Shadows or Immortals boot you out. There’s no benefit to being an Adventurer, aside from being freed of the pressure of daily duties, but you also have no drawbacks. If you just want a casual experience, this is the group for you.

Should you join the Shadows or Immortals in Diablo Immortal?

Unless you end up being very lucky, you’ll only be able to join the Shadows initially – and even that takes a fair bit of luck in the Shadow Lottery. The only way to join the Immortals is through applying for membership, a system we’re still trying to work out, or by rising through the Shadows ranks and defeating the existing Immortals in the Cycle of Strife.

In the initial Cycle of Strife, which takes place for roughly the first three months following Diablo Immortal’s release, only NPCs are Immortals. Players can only join the Immortals faction by taking part in the Cycle of Strife.

And you should take part. Joining the Immortals should be your ultimate goal thanks to the exclusive rewards on offer, including better chances of earning Legendary gear, which is essential for the endgame grind. The problem is that most of the perks are only for top ranking Immortals, so you won’t see the rewards for a while – or at all, if you don’t contribute to the faction regularly.

If you don’t plan on playing on a daily basis, you’re probably better off joining the Shadows or remaining an Adventurer.

What is the Cycle of Strife?

The Cycle of Strife is a set of activities that sees the Shadows test the Immortals to try and prove whether they deserve retaining their exalted positions. To unlock the Cycle of Strife, you need to be at least level 43 and must complete The Final Summoning in Bilefen. After a few more events unfold, you’ll complete The Cycle Begins quest.

For the first few months following Diablo Immortal’s launch, you’ll have to play this as part of the Shadows, working to topple the Immortals. Later, the human Immortals will defend their status in the Rite of Exile by battling Shadows in large-scale PvP fights and defending Essentia in the Immortals’ vaults.

If you're looking for ways to continue leveling up in Diablo Immortal, keep an eye out for blue skull enemies and legendary gems, and make sure you’re using the best class for your playstyle. We've also got a list of where to find each Hidden Lair in the game.

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