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Diablo Immortal Hidden Lairs - locations and rewards

Looking for the bountiful treasures found in hidden lairs? This guide is for you!

Hidden lairs are scattered around each and every zone in Diablo Immortal, popping up every now and again with the promise of sweet loot and a mix of the usual grind of levelling up, powering through the story, farming monstrous essence, and more. But how do you find hidden lairs in Diablo Immortal, and why are they worth tracking down?

This guide will take you through hidden lairs in Diablo Immortal. What they are, where they spawn, and what you can get by completing them.

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Diablo Immortal: What are hidden lairs?

Hidden lairs are mini-dungeons that become available in a PvE zone after a set amount of time, and can spawn in one of a selection of set points. Once entered, they’re filled with enemies and optional objectives that, if completed, provide a series of additional rewards.

You are first notified about the appearance of a hidden lair in your zone through a large notification in the centre of your screen saing “a hidden lair has appeared in your zone”. Once you see this, you have a matter of minutes to track down and find the hidden lair before it closes, so you’ll want to get a move on.

A pop up for a hidden lair in Diablo Immortal
The notification that a hidden lair has appeared takes up the whole screen, and is frankly hard to miss.

Once completed, you’re showered with a fairly impressive amount of loot, especially since there’s no barrier or entry requirement to entering one of these lairs. As such, they’re absolutely worth finding if you notice one has appeared!

Diablo Immortal: Where can you find hidden lairs?

Hidden lairs are tricky to find in large part due to their semi-random spawn points. To help you figure out a route, we recommend you use the brilliant zone maps on DiabloFans. Once you’ve opened up the map for your zone, you can dash between each possible spawn point (distinct as a dungeon door with a blue portal on your mini-map), and hope that you come across the lair before it disappears.

Once you’re close, you should see a blue glowing light coming from the lair marked on your map, which you must then interact with as if you were travelling through any other portal / zone entrance in the game. As soon as you do, you’ll be teleported inside where the spoils of war await you.

Diablo Immortal: What are the rewards for completing hidden lairs?

Like any dungeon, hidden lairs are a great source of weapons and armour, which means you’ll likely be able to get upgrades whilst levelling and a good source of Enchanted Dust for those farming them.

A bonus objective in a hidden lair (Diablo Immortal)
While you're in there, completing bonus objectives will grant bonus rewards!

But the real prize in hidden lairs are gems - not legendary gems for your main gear, but standard gems that provide incredibly useful sub-stats. As such, you’ll want to pop by these lairs if you’re still stuck with low level gems. They’re crucial to powering up your character in the late game.

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