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Horror game showcase, EEK3, will show off scary indies - watch it here

The spooktacular event will celebrate various indie horror games with 90's and 00's aesthetics.

EEK3 marks the third annual showcase from Haunted PS1, a community dedicated to showcasing indie horror games that have a style which hails back to the PS1 era. Prepare for plenty of low-poly models and jagged aliasing, because that exactly is what this stream is preparing to show off.

The showcase's call for submissions was announced via YouTube back in March, running until May 31, and now it's only a matter of hours before it's revealed with games made the cut. The most exciting thing about this neat, niche showcase is the lack of leaks; we've truly no idea what games will be shown, which has us gearing up for a rather thrilling Friday night of indie reveals.

Last year's EEK3 showcase was incredibly haunted indeed, and a handful of the titles shown might've already been familiar to Haunted PS1 fans as being a part of 2021's Haunted PS1 Demo Disc from a few months prior. We're yet to see the Demo Disc for 2022, but that's yet another thing to look forward to, and here's to hoping we might be able to sample some of the games shown off at this year's EEK3. Although, if you're unfamiliar, you're likely wondering what even is the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc?

Well, Haunted PS1 - the community hosting EEK3 - are also the same folk behind the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc. For a start, it's not a disc, and it also doesn't host any PS1 titles. The Demo Disc is, in fact, a downloadable collection of indie horror game demos and playable experiences. It's also completely free!

Even if you're not the biggest fan of horror, there's one or two charming non-horror indies to try out too; 2021's disc is actually privy to the super colourful platformer Toree 3D, which has even gone on to receive a sequel in the time since!

If the wait for the EEK3 showcase now has you eager to step into a new indie, you can still check out the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc from 2021. Some of the top picks from last year's disc personally had to be Agony of a Dying MMO, which features a somewhat chaotic 'the world is ending' scenario that I won't spoil, and An Outcry, a narrative horror game still in development with a pixel-art style that I am very much in love with.

It's also worth mentioning some of the highlights of EEK3's 2021 showcase, too. The Winds of Basidia, which is currently still in development, was announced. This particular game follows The Snow of Basidia, and if you think The Legend of Zelda would make a good horror game, both of these games are perfect for you. I should also note that The Winds of Basidia is specifically inspired by the wing cap from Super Mario 64!

There was also Derelikt, too, which stood out amongst the roster. When a creature is found in orbit around Saturn, your character is required to investigate. It's notably inspired by Alien Resurrection and Doom 3, as well as cosmic horror, and initially started out as a research project into the 'PS1 look' before, thankfully, growing into the game that it is now. It's still in development, but hopefully, if the developer's Twitter is anything to go by, we'll see some more of Derelikt soon.

Last, but not least, this wouldn't be an indie horror showcase hailing back to the good ol' days of horror without a game directly inspired by Silent Hill. Meet Hollowsk 1999 3D. Hollowsk is set in another low-fi town that's shrouded in fog, so much so that you probably would think that it is Silent Hill at first glance. In this familiar town, you're actually an outsider just trying to deliver a letter... but of course, something has gone wrong. The demo is available on Steam right now!

If the contents of last year's showcase are anything to go by, EEK3 2022 will be just as much of a blast; prepare for lots of industrial noises and blood-curdling screams, though!

The EEK3 showcase itself is set to commence today, Friday 26, from 3pm PST / 5PM CT / 6PM ET / 11PM BST, and 12AM UTC. You'll be able to tune into the spooktacular event via Haunted PS1's YouTube.

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