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Genshin Impact best teams for Yoimiya

All for one

The best Yoimiya team comp in Genshin Impact might seem like an academic question. Why bother putting a team together when you can just burn everything to the ground with Yoimiya? That’s true to an extent, but Yoimiya really shines when she’s on a strong elemental team that lets her trigger continuous reactions.

What is the best Yoimiya team comp?

Any elemental party you build will naturally revolve around her skill and complement your Yoimiya build, which lets her deal nearly constant Pyro damage, and quite a bit of it. Genshin Impact favors Vaporize and Melt reactions above others in terms of sheer power. Both deal even more damage depending on which element triggers the reaction, so it’s worth planning out your attack order if you want to maximize the potential.

Yomiya vaporize team

Yoimiya teams: Yelan, Kazuha, and Yun Jin form a vaporize team for Yoimiya

There’s a lot going on with this team. Yun Jin’s burst increases the party’s normal attack damage. It applies to Yoimiya even though her skill infuses her normal attack with Pyro, so if you have her, she’s essential no matter what kind of team you want for Yoimiya.

Kazuha, or your Anemo of choice, is there to cause Swirl for either Hydro or Pyro. It helps spread the elements around, but if they have the full Viridescent Venerer set, it also reduces enemy resistance to that element by 40 percent.

Zhongli is a popular choice in the last slot. His Jade Shield reduces enemy physical and elemental resistance, but only by 20 percent, compared to Viridescent Venerer’s 40 percent. It’s also a lot easier to add an Anemo character of some description to your team than it is to get Zhongli.

Use Yelan’s burst, then swap to Yoimiya, use her skill, and fire off Yoimiya’s normal attacks until the Pyro effect ends. The timing of Yelan’s burst effect and Yoimiya’s arrows should be such that Pyro is the triggering element, giving you that handy extra damage boost from Vaporize.

You can also use Ayato’s burst for continuous Hydro or Xingqiu’s rain swords, but the timing for rain swords makes it a bit more difficult to get Hydro applied first.

Yoimiya melt team

Diona, Kazuha, and Yun Jin form a melt team for Yoimiya

A melt team is pretty much the same, but swaps Hydro for Cryo.


  • Ganyu, Diona, Kaeya, Rosaria
  • Yun Jin
  • Kazuha or any Anemo character

The philosophy here is pretty much the same. Your goal is using Swirl to spread elements and reduce resistance and Yun Jin to buff normal attacks, and then coordinating your Cryo character and Yoimiya to trigger melt. Melt deals greater damage if Pyro is the triggering element, so characters who generate continuous Cryo fields are a good choice.

What is the best Yoimiya F2P team?

Yoimiya teams: Kaeya, Lisa, and Xiangling form a F2P team for Yoimiya

Since Kaeya exists, your F2P team won’t look too different from the other teams. Vaporize compositions are a bit more difficult to pull off, but you can supplement Yoimiya’s damage with Overload

  • Yoimiya
  • Kaeya
  • Xiangling
  • Lisa

Lisa’s and Kaeya’s bursts create lasting fields of Electro and Cryo, respectively, which work nicely with Yoimiya’s Pyro output. Xiangling is there for the Fervent Flames resonance effect, which increases attack by 25 percent.

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