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MultiVersus Perk guide: How to unlock perks, and which perks are the best?

What are perks, and how do you get 'em?

Perks are one of the more low key features of MultiVersus. You’ll unlock them naturally as they play, and with a casual mindset you can likely use whichever ones you want without worrying too much about it. However, take the time to consider them seriously, and you’ll realise they make a significant difference in your performance in-game. Perks, it turns out, are hugely important.

As such, we’ve created this quick guide taking you through perks in MultiVersus, how to unlock them, training perks, and general tips on which to use!

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How to unlock perks in MultiVersus?

Perks are character specific, unlockable modifiers for characters In MultiVersus primarily earned by increasing a specific character’s master level. With 15 levels in total, you’ll need to grind out to near the max - level 14 - to unlock each free perk for your character.

From there, you’ll notice that the vast majority of perks remaining in the game aren’t available. For this, you’ll need to train perks. This is a dedicated option you can find from the main menu, first by going to your collection page, choosing the character who you want to train perks on, then clicking on the train perks button.

Here, you’ll have an opportunity to train perks at the cost of gold. For players who are trying to pick the perfect perks, training perks is where the fine tuning part of refining your main character comes in.

Golden perks in Multiversus
These golden perks make the biggest difference in your in-game ability.

Training perks in MultiVersus, and is it worth it?

Training perks is absolutely something you’ll want to do, once you’ve figured out which characters in the cast you like the most. There’s no real point in spending gold on training perks for characters you won’t play, when that gold can be spent on different characters, or more importantly, training perks on a character you love.

If you’ve got the time to grind out levels on the full cast, we recommend levelling up the mastery ranks of as many characters as you can before training perks. The reason why is simple - perks that you already own on other characters have a 50% discount in the perk training menu.

Multiversus perk menu
While the perks you get for free, training perks is key for making the most out of your character.

As such, building up levels across the roster is a good idea. Alternatively, you can first figure out which perks you want, then research which characters unlock them through mastery level ups. All you have to do then is put in the work and grind a single character before the perk you want gets a major discount.

It’s important to note that perks are not transferable between characters. This means that if you train a perk on Shaggy, you’ll have to train it again on the rest of the roster, albeit at a lower price. So don’t empty your wallet on a whim without considering whether the character is one you’ll use, and if the perks are actually useful.

Which perks do I pick in MultiVersus?

When picking which perks to use and / or train, first you’ll want to figure out which attacks you use the most, and what playstyle you fall into. If you’re a Reindeer main and love going into melee range for combos, then you’ll want to pick perks that boost attack damage. However, if you like staying at range, then projectile perks are the right pick.

Typically, the perks you get naturally by levelling up a character will work well with their kit, so if you don’t care too much about being super efficient you can equip them worry free. However, if you want to squeeze as much juice out of your MultiVersus character as possible, training the ideal perks is a must.

That concludes our guide on perks in MultiVersus! For more guides on this excellent game, check out our articles on how to earn toast, as well as our tier list detailing the best MultiVersus characters in 1v1 and 2v2.

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