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Assassin's Creed is getting its own whiskey

Spiced rum and vodka on the way, too.

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Assassin's Creed, Antheum Studios is releasing a special edition of whiskey specifically for the franchise.

You read that right. Whiskey. Not the usual energy drink with videogame branding.

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That said, you can mix the two readily and it doesn't taste too awful. Trust me.

Anyway, my weird concoctions aside, Antheum Studios will release the Assassin's Creed 15th Anniversary Straight Bourbon Whiskey this August - and even has plans to release a Black Flag-branded spiced rum and Valhalla-branded vodka to the Assassin's Creed collection this September.

Antheum Studios is a leading licensing, bottling, and distribution company for various film, television, sports, and gaming properties, and helps facilitate collectible spirits for fans.

The company has partnered with distillery Tennessee Legend and offers nationwide distribution. Plus, if you live near one, you can visit one of Tennesee Legend's four retail stores and be one of the first to pick up the newest release.

Paul Francis, one of the founders of Antheum Studios, has been working in film and collectibles for over two decades. He started his career as a model maker in the film industry, working on movies such as Bicentennial Man and the History Channel's TV series Ancient Aliens. His design studio has also worked with Universal theme parks and Disney to create products for their gift shops.

Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed 15th Anniversary Straight Bourbon Whisky will run you $69 for a 750 ml bottle, and is available online and through Tennessee Legend’s stores.

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