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ARC Raiders also won’t be coming in 2022

In our delays-per-minute year of 2022, is it really a surprise that ARC Raiders won't make it out this year?

ARC Raiders, the co-op shooter that's been turning heads for its impressive visuals, has been pushed back to 2023. ARC Raiders is Embark Studios' first project, a team made up of former DICE and Frostbite Engine developers.

You probably already guessed a delay was on the cards, considering public tests have yet to begin for the game, not to mention the fact Embark has been quiet on the news and gameplay footage front.

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Well, the developer made it official today. In a Twitter announcement, Embark said ARC Raiders has been delayed to 2023. The extra time will be used to "expand the experience." Seeing as there's plenty we still don't know about the game, Embark added that more details will arrive once tests with players begin - though it's not clear when that's going to be.

"The excitement around ARC Raiders since its reveal has been so encouraging for us, and we truly appreciate your support," the developer said in closing.

ARC Raiders was revealed at The Game Awards last December with an explosive gameplay trailer, following months of concept art and other teasers. The game puts you in the shoes of a Raider. Together with other Raiders, you will defend the planet from aliens using scavenged tech.

The game is in development for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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