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You can now play Stray as Spyro the Dragon

You can't fly, though.

Stray only released just a few weeks ago, but modders have already had a good go at transforming the indie adventure title. We've seen the likes of CJ (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas) and America's laziest furball, Garfield, make their way into the game so far, opening up an avenue for modders to do what they do best.

The latest mod to capture our attention introduces Spyro the Dragon as your cute protagonist. I suspect there'll no doubt be a very long line of future character mods to come, but if I say so myself, this feels like the best and most-fitting so far (aside from people modding their own pets into the game!).

Modder, MrMarco1003, has plucked Spyro from the Reignited Trilogy and popped them into Stray. They've even gone as far as replacing the other cats from the games prologue with fellow drakes, too.

Ultimately, the mod is really strong. Spyro might be bright purple and winged, but he doesn't actually feel too out of place in the post-apocalyptic dystopia of Stray.

First reported by Rock Paper Shotgun, the modder is also prolific for having replaced Resident Evil 3's Nemesis with Shrek. This isn't all, either. He's brought Lilo and Stitch to Mario Kart 8, put Simba of The Lion King into Grand Theft Auto V, and has even added the likes of Crash Bandicoot to Kingdom Hearts II; most of the mods are showcased on MrMarco1003's YouTube.

If you fancy trying out Spyro in Stray for yourself, the mod can be found on NexusMods.

For more on Stray, check out how we think Stray is a wonderful game about a cat, but not because of the cat. We've also some nifty guides to collecting memories and badges, if you're yet to retrieve all of those!

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