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Where to find all Stray memories for B-12

If you want to know everything there is to know about Stray’s story, you’ll want to collect all of these memories along the way.

Stray is an illusive catventure with a story that nobody really knew much about until recently, and what a wonderful story it is. That being said, there’s a lot of exploring to do as a cat if you want to acquire every collectible possible.

Without a map, running laps of The Slums and Midtown is near inevitable, but this doesn’t mean that you’ll naturally run into many memories. Memories are collectibles that tell us more about the story of Stray and the past of the environment we’ve found ourselves in. So, if you want to know everything there is to know about this neon-soaked world and our furry Outsider, you’ll want to go out of your way to locate every memory.

When it comes to collecting the memories, there are five pivotal memories that you’ll run into no matter what. I’ll refer to these as the ‘core’ memories. All other collectible memories are optional, but this guide explains exactly where to find all of B-12's memories in Stray.

Before we begin, I have made every attempt to keep the below as spoiler free as possible! I have included descriptions of where to find the memories and screenshots of them for your assistance, but I have omitted what the memories actually involve, and how they tie into the plot!

Where to find all Stray memories for B-12

Inside the Wall, and Dead City Memories

These two chapters at the very beginning of the game do not hide away any memories!

The Flat Memories

As you leave the flat and take the zip line, you’ll reach a wall with a beach painted on it. A core memory is unlocked when you pick up the postcard as you get closer to the wall. That’s it for memories to be found in The Flat!

The cat of Stray looks at a beach painting outside of The Flat.
The postcard will be picked up as you get closer.

The Slums Memories

Across both The Slums, there are seven memories to find in total.

Locate Morusque, the musician who you share sheet music with. Directly to the left of them is a small alleyway with two bins. You can climb atop these and to a ledge higher up, shown below, and acquire a memory from the artwork here.

The cat stands by Morusque and looks up at some art work in an alley in Stray.
Platform your way to the top to see the artwork.

After this, go into the bar and upstairs. On the table, there is a bowl of food for you to interact with, and this will unlock the next memory.

The cat looks at a bowl of uneaten food in the upstairs of Dufer Bar in Stray.
Mmm, human food... in a robot world. Probably not worth eating.

Next, let yourself into Elliot’s flat and go upstairs. The flat can be found nearby to where Grandma sits. Up the stairs and on your left is a plant growing out of an unused toilet. Interact with it for the next memory!

The cat looks at a plant growing from an old toilet in Elliot's flat in Stray.
Who would've thought a toilet would make the perfect plant pot?

Now, return to the Guardian. From here, go down the steps in front of you, and go right. The entrance to Super Spirit Laundry will be on your left here, with Zoe sat to your right.

Continue up ahead until you reach a small set of stairs. At the top, some graffiti on a wall will read ‘R.I.P. HUMANS’. Interact with it for your next memory to be unlocked.

The cat looks at graffiti reading 'R.I.P. HUMANS' in Stray.
Yeah, R.I.P. I guess.

Following this and starting from the Guardian again, take a left and meet the vendor, Azuz. He sells electrible cable, a relic, and some sheet music all in exchange for energy drinks that you can find from vending machines around the area.

In exchange for three energy drinks, you can purchase the relic, and this will unlock yet another memory.

The cat looks at a relic, a memory, being sold by Azuz in Stray.
An ancient relic or piece of cloth?

Once you find yourself in Momo’s flat, go through the curtains behind him and into a small room with a bed. The poster on the wall is another memory!

The cat looks at a poster in Momo's room in Stray.
Plenty of cow photos can be found in Stray too.

This next one can be a little tricky - not necessarily for you to get to, but for me to explain. Start at the Guardian, and face the bar just up ahead, marked by a pink neon light. From here, you can head straight forward and jump atop the orange crate.

The cat overlooks The Slums and Rooftops in Stray.
You can see your route from here.

Then, jump atop the steel platform above you. Hop along, and you’ll then be able to jump onto the sign for the bar, and then the roof of the bar.

From the roof of the bar, face the direction of the Guardian. You see that big sign with an arrow? The one that seems to be the only non-illuminated light here? You want to platform your way over to the sign, and take a look at the deceased robot behind it to unlock this memory.

The cat faces a deceased robot behind an unilluminated sign in Stray.
The ongoing class war is revealed.

The Rooftops Memories

Across The Rooftops, there are three memories to find.

During this chapter, you'll be tasked with taking on the Zurk infested tower. As soon as you face your second group of Zurks here, climb upwards to find a huge neon sign ahead of you. Interact with it to unlock the memory.

Don't worry about where you're going too much. You'll come across the sign naturally on your route towards the top of the tower.

The cat of Stray looks at a large neon sign.

Once you're actually inside the tower, there is a fenced area full of Zurks on the second floor. Go past them and the switch near to them, and interact with the Neco Corp box in the far back corner, to the right of the cage.

The cat of Stray looks at a box branded with the Neco Corp logo.
This isn't the last you'll hear of Neco Corp.

Another memory is automatically unlocked as you obtain the story item, The Transciever. It's impossible to miss this one.

Dead End Memories

The Dead End chapter of Stray has three memories for you to discover.

After Seamus lets you through the next door at the beginning of this chapter, head left, and you'll find the next memory on the shutters at the end of this path.

The cat of Stray looks at some shutters.

Following a chaotic chase sequence after this, climb atop the nearby broken down truck. You'll be able to access the wall above via some pipes and commence down an alley. You'll want to go left ultimately, but for this memory, continue straight ahead first. Then, head through the broken fence, and another memory will be on your right.

The cat of Stray looks at a deceased robot.
Sadly, this one features another deceased robot.

Now, continue on. In the room where you first meet Doc, interact with the mannequin beside him to unlock another memory.

The cat of Stray looks at a mannequin in Doc's flat.
Robots must think humans are pretty funny looking, huh?

The Sewers Memories

The Sewers hide away two memories to find!

You'll be able to hop off Momo's boat a few times, but the second time, he will begin to try open a large door for you. Head through the door and onto the bridge up ahead, taking caution of the fact the place is infested.

Next, from the bridge, go into the small corridor on your left. Go down this narrow alley and ignore the Zurk pods looming over you. When you come to the first crossroads, so to speak, take yet another left. Take on the Zurks here, and then jump into the pipe on the left again.

Advance through the pipe and when you emerge, you can unlock another memory after jumping on the railing here.

The cat of Stray looks over the sewer system.
The sewer system is huge, to say the least.

After you've made your way through the cave with the eyes (I'm not giving any more detail than that!), you'll jump onto a pipe and can go right or left. Take a left and jump onto the next pipe. Then, follow the barrels in the water. You'll eventually reach a pipe by an opening in the wall. The memory is just through here!

It's pretty easy to advance too far and miss this one. If you reach the room of Zurk pods and switches, go back on yourself and retrace your steps until you reach the memory instead!

The cat of Stray looks into a Zurk infested cave.
The sewers get more and more creepy as you venture further...

Antvillage Memories

While Antvillage is beautiful and you'll wish you could spend more time here, there are only two memories to unlock.

The first memory in Antvillage is tied to the story, and will be unlocked automatically upon entering the area. How convenient!

The next memory can only be unlocked after reaching Zbaltazar and speaking with them. B-12 will then return to normal and you can head back down to collect the memory. You'll find this one by interacting with the mural on the lower level, near to the Mahjong players.

The cat of Stray looks at a wall mural, also a memory, in Antvillage.
Antvillage is a small area, but it's very scenic and colourful.

Midtown Memories

Across Midtown, there are seven memories to unlock.

The first memory of Midtown is unlocked automatically at the beginning of the chapter, as soon as you first enter the subway station.

Make your way up the escalators and you'll emerge in Midtown. A robot and some books are to your right. Interact with the book shelf to unlock the next memory.

The cat looks at a tidy bookshelf in Midtown, Stray.
Fancy some Turing in these trying times?

Next, locate the alley with the sweeping robot who has a traffic cone on their head. From here, jump on top of the green garbage bin and platform your way up along the boxes here.

You'll get to knock over a few bottles once you reach the top. Look right from here, and this cosy secluded spot contains a memory.

The cat of Stray looks at a mural in a cosy secluded spot in Midtown.
A nice, cosy, secluded spot to relax.

After this, make your way to the Barber Shop and head inside through the window. If you're lost, the shop is directly across from the robot sleeping on the sofa.

Jump onto the couch, then the shelf, and then up into the attic where you will find the next memory!

The cat of Stray looks at a memory in the attic of Midtown's Barber Shop.
This attic space is pretty tiny. Tiny enough for a cat!

Leave the Barber Shop and enter the shop to the left of the sleeping robot from earlier. Behind the chef, you can jump on the wall and then into a hole in the roof, where you will find the memory.

The cat of Stray looks at a memory in the dishevelled attic of a Midtown restaurant.
Yes, this memory is in yet another attic.

The next memory can be found inside the yellow-lit building that is next to the hologram in the centre of Midtown. You'll only be able to go inside after having successfully infiltrated the factory.

Once you're able to enter, interact with the framed photo of the Sentinel inside.

Finally, the last memory for this chapter can be found once you're able to enter the night club. Behind the bar, there is a small platform that you can fit onto. This acts as an elevator, and will take you down to the club kitchen.

Once in the club kitchen, there is a lone, round table in the middle of the room with some bottles on it. Interact with it to unlock the final memory for Midtown!

Jail Memories

There is only one memory to find during the Jail chapter.

During the Jail chapter, there's a sequence in which you'll need to have Sentinel drones follow you through a courtyard and into a small room you can lock them in. This courtyard has a few imprisoned robots to talk with.

Once you're done with the first Sentinel, Clementine will let you into the next area, where you'll find another deceased robot leaning against a bin to the right. Interact with them to collect the memory.

The cat of Stray looks at a deceased robot in the Jail.
Yeah, perhaps best to not stick around here...

Control Room Memories

There's only one memory left to unlock once you reach the Control Room, and it's a core memory that is automatically triggered once you reach the main room. No pictures here as you won't need them, but also because I don't want to spoil Stray's heart-wrenching ending!

That's all 27 memories across Stray, and I sincerely hope you enjoy witnessing them all unfold and intertwine! For more on the cat-sized adventure, take a look at where to find all the Sheet Music for Morusque, and where to find all the Vending Machines across The Slums.

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