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Where to find all Stray Sheet Music for Morusque

Sometimes you need to kick back and catnap with some nice pieces of sheet music in Stray.

Stray isn't exactly a tiring game, but sometimes, you may just want to sit back and take in the detailed landscape on offer. There are plenty of moments to do this and places to catnap, but among my favourite has to be hanging out beside the musician, Morusque.

In The Slums, Morusque is a musician with no music to play. We can't let that remain the case, and there are eight pieces of Sheet Music around the area to collect and gift to the musician. Once you do, they'll play the tune and you can curl up right beside them to appreciate it.

You may prefer jumping around or stealthing through action sequences, but hanging with Morusque and delivering Sheet Music to them is one of the smaller, yet more rewarding tasks in Stray that I wish we had more of! So, without further ado, here's where to find all of the Sheet Music in Stray.

Where to find all Stray Sheet Music for Morusque

Morusque’s Music Sheet 1

The first piece of Sheet Music is found in Momo’s flat up in The Rooftops. If you go into the room to the left via the grate, you’ll find yourself in a utility room. On the very top shelf, you’ll find some Sheet Music!

The Outsider, a cat, looks at some Sheet Music in the utility room of Momo's Flat, in The Slums of Stray.
This piece hides on the top shelf of the utility room.

Morusque’s Music Sheet 2

Momo will task you with finding notebooks across various abandoned flats, and one of the flats is actually a library. This flat can be found to the right of where you exit Momo's, and is marked by the Outsider symbol. In this bountiful room of books, there’s a piano, and funnily enough, your seventh piece of Sheet Music lies on top of it.

The Outsider looks in the direction of the library in Stray.
Go towards the Outsider sign to reach the library.
The Outsider looks at a piece of sheet music sat on the piano in the library in Stray.
The music sits neatly on the piano.

Morusque’s Music Sheet 3

For this piece of Sheet Music, you need to visit Clementine’s abandoned flat. From the roof of Super Spirit Laundry, head in the opposite direction than that of Momo’s flat. You’ll see the blue Outsider symbol indicating the flat is there, and a long rusty pipe leads to a window that’ll let you inside.

Once inside, go through the broken glass door and to your right will be some Sheet Music.

The Outsider of Stray stands on a rusty pipe leading to Clementine's flat.
Make your way from Momo's to Clementine's by taking the zip line and following this pipe.
The Outsider of Stray looks at a piece of Sheet Music inside of Clementine's flat.
Through the broken glass door, the music sits on the shelf to your right.

Morusque’s Music Sheet 4

Leave Clementine’s flat and jump on the balcony to the left. There are two chairs and a table here, with Sheet Music atop them.

The Outsider of Stray looks at a piece of Sheet Music on a table outside of Clementine's flat.
Just outside of Clementine's flat, how convenient!

Morusque’s Music Sheet 5

If you go upstairs in Dufer Bar and investigate the tables, the fifth piece of Sheet Music is simply lying on one, waiting for you to pick it up.

The Outsider looks at a piece of sheet music on an upstairs table in the Dufer Bar of Stray.
This one's just lying around.

Morusque’s Music Sheet 6

To the right of Morusque in the tiny alley is a digitised safe with a note on it. Collect the note and take it to Elliot, where the tech professional can translate it. It reads ‘Dufer Bar’. So, head to the bar and jump atop the physical bar inside.

On the wall, there is a scenic painting you can interact with and knock from the wall. Once it falls, a code is revealed that you can input into the digitised safe from earlier: 1283.

The Outsider of Stray looks at a piece of sheet music inside a digitised safe.
This one requires a little more leg work... unless you already know the code.

Now, unlock the safe to collect another piece of Sheet Music.

Morusque’s Music Sheet 7

In the downstairs of Elliot’s flat, there’s a huge floor to ceiling painting just in front of the entrance. The third piece of Sheet Music is stuck to it!

The Outsider of Stray looks at a piece of sheet music attached to a huge portrait in Elliot's flat.
Who needs a portrait this big?

Morusque’s Music Sheet 8

The fourth piece of Sheet Music can be bought from the vendor, Azuz, who sits just to the left and down some stairs from the Guardian. It requires one energy drink to be purchased, which can be collected from vending machines around the area.

The Outsider of Stray looks at Azuz's wares, including a piece of Sheet Music.
Azuz is a vendor for electrical cables, too.

Those are all the pieces of Sheet Music across Stray. For more on the catventure, take a look at our guide to finding all of B-12's memories, and check out our review!

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