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How to get the Super Spirit Laundry Detergent in Stray

Robots have clothing they need to wash too.

Stray showcases just how nimble and clever cats are, but even cats get a little confused sometimes. Unless you encounter it by accident, tracking down Super Spirit Laundry Detergent can be a little troubling.

If you've been roaming The Slums and are yet to find it across any of the nooks and crannies, we've stepped in to help! Here's how to get your paws on Stray's Super Spirit Laundry Detergent, and cause a little bit of cat-sized chaos in the process.

What is the Super Spirit Laundry Detergent for?

As you advance through the chapters in Stray and find yourself in The Slums Part 2, your main task will be repairing the Broken Tracker device. For this, you're going to need the help of The Slums' reputable nerd, Elliot. However, Elliot has a case of the shivers and needs a blanket from Grandma before he can help, but Grandma needs Electrical Cable to craft one.

You'll have no doubt encountered Azuz, the vendor who sells a relic (one of B-12's memories), and some Sheet Music in exchange for energy drinks. The item you need, the Electrical Cable, can only be purchased using a bottle of Super Spirit Laundry Detergent however.

Where to find the Super Spirit Laundry Detergent in Stray

The store for Super Spirit Laundry isn't too far from that of the Guardian. It's almost directly in front of them, and can be identified via the hanging laundry outside, as well as the neon Super Spirit Laundry sign.

At first, however, the store is closed. The detergent that you need is no doubt inside, but you'll need to get the door open beforehand.

The cat of Stray speaks with Kosma as they clean up paint outside of Super Spirit Laundry.
This door will be closed initially, until you distract Vapora.

If you look above the store, you'll see two robots on the rooftops that are having some fun by tossing paint cans to each other. If you platform your way up to the pair, you can speak with them both.

Go and speak with Vapora, the robot directly above the shop. Then, if you move a few feet or so backwards, you'll be prompted to meow at them. Soon enough, Vapora will be distracted by your charm and will send a can of paint tumbling down to the floor. A very cute distraction indeed.

The cat of Stray meows at Vapora as they throw paint cans across the rooftops.
A few meows is all it takes.

As a result, Super Spirit Laundry owner, Kosma, bursts outside in anger. It appears this isn't the first time some meddling robots have spilt paint outside of the store, and Kosma quickly gets to work cleaning it. As they clean up, the Super Spirit Laundry door is left open for you to go inside and collect the goods.

Head inside, and directly on the surface to the left is a big bottle of Super Spirit Laundry Detergent. Collect it, and take it back to Azuz to trade it for some Electrical Cable.

The cat of Stray collects the Super Spirit Laundry Detergent.
The Super Spirit Laundry Detergent sits by the front window.

The rest of your challenge ahead should be straight forward: give the cable to Grandma, who'll provide you with a blanket, then take the blanket to Elliot, who will now repair your broken Tracker.

Once that's all done, it's onwards and upwards. Literally.

For more on Stray, don't forget to take a look at all the memories you can pick up along the way, as well as our review of the catventure.

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