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Stray Vending Machines and Energy Drinks locations

Robots like to have a little energy drink, as a treat.

Stray is the purrfect playground that we've all been waiting to get our paws on. Now, the time is finally here for your catventure, and it's understandable if you don't want to miss a single thing out. That being said, you'll want to locate every Vending Machine across The Slums if you wish to be privy to all of Azuz's wares.

Each of the four Vending Machines around The Slums will deposit an Energy Drink when interacted with. Robots, apparently, love these Energy Drinks, and trusty trader Azuz will offer you some goods in exchange for them. This includes a relic (one of B-12's many memories), some electrical cable, and a piece of Sheet Music.

Without further ado, here's where to find all four Vending Machines across The Slums of Stray.

Where to find all Vending Machine locations in Stray

Vending Machine 1

The first Vending Machine is easy enough to track down. After parting with the Guardian (and while facing them), take a left down the steps. On your left will be musician, Morusque, but on your right is the first Vending Machine!

The Outsider, a cat, faces a Vending Machine in The Slums of Stray.
Collect this one with the sweet serenades of Morusque's music in the background.

Vending Machine 2

The next Vending Machine is very conveniently situated beside one of B-12’s memories, too. Where Granda resides, take a right before her and go down into the long alley where you originally came from.

At the end, there are some steps and some graffiti reading ‘R.I.P HUMANS’, this is a memory, To the left of it is your second Vending Machine!

The Outsider, a cat, faces a Vending Machine in The Slums of Stray, beside graffiti reading 'R.I.P. HUMANS'.
The graffiti is a tad unnerving here.

Vending Machine 3

The third Vending Machine can also be accessed by starting from where Grandma is. By her workstation, there are some ventilation boxes along the walls that you can jump up.

Climb up and jump onto the barred balcony, now, jump down again to find the Vending Machine by the door.

The Outsider of Stray looks at some ventilation boxes they can jump on.
Platform your way up these boxes and over to the balcony!
The Outsider of Stray looks at a tucked away vending machine in The Slums.
They sure did a good job of hiding this vending machine.

Vending Machine 4

The fourth and final Vending Machine is located on the Rooftops. Start from the entrance to Momo’s flat and make your way to the right. Go past the area where you can catnap alongside a robot and hop down. Just to the left here, there’s a sofa, and the final Vending Machine.

The Outsider, a cat, faces a Vending Machine on The Rooftops of Stray.
This one is easy to spot from the rooftops.

That's it for the four Vending Machines across The Slums. If you don't have enough Energy Drinks for what you want to buy from the vendor, Azuz, you can return to The Slums via chapter select after completing the game. When you return, the Vending Machines will have been restocked!

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