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Where to find all Badges in Stray

Your cat backpack needs accessorising with these Badges of honour in Stray.

Amidst collecting all of B-12's memories and Morusque's Sheet Music, our furry protagonist in Stray is privy to some Badges too. These collectibles are basically badges of honour for our feline's efforts, and finding them all is certainly a fun little side quest to embark on.

Collecting badges will have you interacting with characters and visiting various nooks and crannies that you may miss otherwise. So, if you're enjoying life as a cat, I certainly recommend collecting all the Badges in Stray.

That said, here's a little help on where to find every Badge across Stray!

Where to find all Badges in Stray

Outsider Badge

You'll acquire this Badge naturally during Stray's story.

During The Slums Part 2, Seamus will open a gate for you which essentially starts the Dead End chapter. At this point, you'll automatically acquire the Outsider badge!

Cat Badge

You can pick up the Cat Badge while in Midtown. Near to the centre of town, look out for the yellow-lit restuarant with a robot wearing a white jacket stood outside ordering.

The cat of Stray looks at a food shop in Midtown.
This yellow restuarant is the one you need to find. | Image credit: BlueTwelve Studio / Annapurna Interactive

Climb atop the counter and into the back of the shop, and you'll see a safe in the upper left corner of the room on top of the shelves.

You can find a note stuck to a nearby shelf that reads: 2458 :edoC

Considering the word 'code' is backwards, it's safe to assume that the code itself is, too. So, the code to unlock the safe and acquire the Cat Badge is 8542.

The cat of Stray looks up at a safe containing the cat badge in Midtown.
Here's where the safe sits.
The cat of Stray reads a code on a note in Midtown.
And here's where you can find the code for yourself.

Music Badge

Acquiring the Music Badge is relatively straight forward, and you can get your paws on this one during chapters The Slums or The Slums Part Two.

All you need to do is collect all eight pieces of Sheet Music around the area and give them to musician, Morusque. If you're struggling to collect all eight, we've got a guide to all Sheet Music locations in Stray.

Plant Badge

The Plant Badge can be earnt while exploring the Antvillage chapter. After you've spoken with Zbaltazar and B-12 is back to their usual self, climb up to the next level to meet with Malo.

Malo is a lovely robot watering some plants, and they'll ask that you find some more plants for them. You'll need red, purple, and yellow plants.

The cat of Stray looks at Malo, a robot in Antvillage.
Malo is adorable. Enough said.

For the yellow plant, collect the bucket by Malo and hop down a level. In front of you, you'll see a sofa with a pipe beside it. Hope onto the pipe and collect the yellow plant!

The cat of Stray climbs a pipe to collect a yellow flower in Antvillage.
Hop on the pipe beside the sofa to collect the yellow plant.

Next, for the purple plant, hop all the way back down to the bottom level where you'll find two robots playing Mahjong. By them, but slightly in the distance, is a tree with purple flowers. Jump onto the ledge and then onto the tree trunk and collect the purple plant.

Hop onto the tree near the Mahjong players for this plant!

Finally, for the red plant, stay where you are. On the same ledge that you jumped up from to collect the purple plant, you'll also see a bucket. Hop into the bucket and make your way down to the distant island via the barrels in the water. Once there, you can collect the red plant.

The cat of Stray looks at two robots scavenging beside a tree with red flowers in Antvillage.
You can see this red plant tree, and the purple plant one, from this space. Look to the right to see the purple plant tree!
The cat of Stray looks down at a tree adorned with red flowers while two robots play Mahjong beside them.
The tree sits beside some scavenging robots.

With all three plants, return to Malo to collect the Plant Badge!

Neco Badge

For the Neco Badge, you'll need to have progressed far enough with the Midtown chapter to have given Blazer the worker jacket and helmet. Following this, you'll be able to infiltrate the Neco Corp factory.

Once you make your way past the first area that is packed with Sentinel Drones, you'll head through a large door, and a construction worker will be to your right looking for their keys.

The cat of Stray looks at a construction worker robot in Neco Corp factory who has lost their keys.

Speak with them, and they'll ask for your help finding the keys. Advance on into the area where big cages of trash are being disposed of, and make your way to the end of the route where you have to traverse across the barrels.

Rather than continue straight, take a right. You'll be able to interact with the pile of trash here and collect the worker's keys. Now, return to them and give them their keys to retrieve the Neco Corp badge! Then, you'll want to go back to where you found the keys, but head straight to continue with Stray's story!

The cat of Stray is on top of a barrel, looking at the worker's keys in the Neco Corp factory.
The worker's keys sit in this pile of rubbish.

Police Badge

The Police Badge is another one that can be picked up while in Midtown. Head to the centre of the city, where the robot hologram is, and with the security station (the yellow lit building ran by a Peacemaker) on your left.

The cat of Stray faces Midtown's security station, with the alley beside it on show.
The alley to the left of the station is the one you need to platform your way through.

Go down the alley that is on your left, just before the security station. At the start of the alley, go about platforming up the ventilators and steel platforms until you reach a small window with two bars over it. You'll be able to creep inside, interact with the Companion, and claim the Police Badge.

The cat of Stray is beside an open grate that leads to a police cell in Midtown.
Make sure you're on the highest platform, and look for the shape of pipe to help you figure out where to platform to!

That's all six of the Badges across Stray collected. Don't forget to go about finding all B-12's memories during your journey, and be sure to check out our Stray review.

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