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All Stray notebooks locations in The Slums

If you wish to see the outside again, you'll want to collect all of the Outsider's notes.

In Stray, the four notebooks in question are those belonging to a quad of robots known as the Outsiders. These robots have made it their lifes mission to try and reach the outside again, albeit with little luck. Although, this is where you - a four legged feline - steps in to help.

The four notebooks belong to that of Momo, Doc, Clementine, and Zbaltazar. In combination, they all possess plenty of notes regarding getting outside, and will hopefully lead to you being able to communicate with higher levels in this strange world.

This isn't without some leg work, however, which should be no problem because you're a cat. It's finding the books themselves that's the troublesome part. So, here's where to find all four of Stray's notebooks across The Slums.

If you're missing Stray already, catch the trailer here.

Where to find all four notebooks locations in Stray

Momo's notebook

When you first arrive in The Slums and speak with the Guardian in Stray, they'll advise you to go find Momo up in the rooftops. They, too, have been trying to make it to the outside world, just like you.

Momo's house is marked by a large, bright yellow neon sign. There's multiple different routes to take, so I advise platforming away and exploring The Rooftops on your way to Momo. Who knows what memories or Sheet Music you may find?

The outside of Momo's flat in Stray, marked by a large yellow neon sign.
It's pretty hard to miss a flat with a sign this big.

The easiest way to get to Momo's is by climbing atop Dufer Bar, and then simply heading upwards towards the large sign.

When you finally reach Momo, speak with them. They'll tell you all about their lost hopes of reaching the outside, and will lament the loss of their friends, too. Soon enough, they will give you the first of the four notebooks, and will request that you come back once you've been able to find the rest.

Momo asks if the cat of Stray has found the rest of the notebooks yet.
Momo is one of the best characters in Stray, just saying.

Clementine's notebook

Leave Momo's flat from the way you came in, and B-12 will point out the Outsider logo to you. This logo is on all three of the other flats you need to find, and will help you if you get a little lost.

B-12 show the Outsider logo and entrance to Clementine's flat to the cat of Stray.
Remember this logo!

That said, B-12 just showed you Clementine's flat. Take the zip line bucket and hop straight over across the rooftops. The route is super straight forward, and after traversing a pipe, you'll enter the apartment from the window.

At the back of the apartment, go through the broken glass doors and into the small office-like room on the left. By the PC, Clementine's notebook can be collected!

The cat of Stray looks at Clementine's notebook.
Clementine's notebook sits neatly beside the PC.

Doc's notebook

Next, we want to go and grab Doc's notebook. Exit Clementine's apartment and make your way to the left, over towards the rooftop sofa that sits near a sleeping robot.

If you face the sofa, you can see the entrance to Doc's apartment is just behind.

The cat of Stray stands on a sofa, on the rooftops, while looking in the direction of Doc's flat.
You can, by all means, just play with the TV remote here instead.

Make your way inside, and locate the small back room. The entrance to the room is blocked by books that you can topple over to your hearts content. Inside the room, collect the small note and the keys on the bed.

The cat of Stray looks at a note and some keys in the back room of Doc's flat.
Doc's flat is pretty cosy, if you ignore the dead robot.

The note will inform you that a safe is hidden behind a stack of books in this library-like abandoned home. Make your way to the middle set of shelves, where books beginning with M and L live. Knock over the piles of books here and the safe will be revealed.

Use the keys that you just picked up to open it, and Doc's notebook will now be yours to collect!

The cat of Stray faces a locked safe in Doc's flat.
This would be a great place to hide a safe if a cat wasn't around.

Zbaltazar's notebook

For Zbaltazar's notebook, leave Doc's flat and head straight. You'll be able to see the logo for the Outsiders from Doc's.

From outside of Momo's flat, the cat of Stray faces another Outsider logo, outside of Zbaltazar's flat.
This flat is perhaps the trickiest to get into.

Jump across the rooftops and past the robots who are playing with paint cans. Once you reach the blocked off balcony for the flat, make your way to the rooftop above it. You'll find a ventilator here.

Remove the plug for the ventilator from the socket, and it'll stop spinning. You can now jump through the powered-off vent and into Zbaltazar's flat. In the flat, you'll see three piles of boxes. Jump on top of these to knock them all over.

The cat of Stray faces the power supply that is powering the vent leading into Zbaltazar's flat.
Unplug the power supply here.
The cat of Stray faces the turned off vent and entrance to Zbaltazar's flat.
Now, hop into the vent!

Once you've made a real big mess of Zbaltazar's flat, you'll find their notebook on the floor somewhere, having fallen out of one of the many boxes. If you're struggling, move the boxes around a little until you find it.

The cat of Stray looks at Zbaltazar's notebook, after toppling over boxes in their flat.
Zbaltazar's notebook hiding place is the best by far. It took me a shameful amount of time to find this book...

At last, you have all four notebooks from The Slums, and can go report back to Momo with them!

For more on Stray, make a point of collecting all of B-12's memories, as well as all of the Vending Machines across The Slums, too!

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