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How to find the Stray worker jacket and helmet in Midtown

It's time to infiltrate the factory, but not without some worker gear first.

If you've finally made your way through the complex sewer system in Stray, and met all the inhabitants of Antvillage, you'll have found yourself in vibrant Midtown. Midtown is just as colourful as it's counterparts, but the atmosphere here is a little different. Police are rampant, and the nearby factory is being strictly policed by Sentinel drones.

Of course, you're going to need to make your way into the factory sooner or later, and you'll need a worker jacket and worker helmet to do so. You'll find them in Midtown's clothing shop and hat shop, but getting your paws on the worker gear is a challenge in itself.

That said, here's how to find the worker jacket and worker helmet in Stray.

What is the worker hat and helmet for in Stray?

After you track down Clementine in her secluded flat in Stray's Midtown, she'll task you with finding Blazer, a robot who can help you with infiltrating the factory.

Identifiable by his bomber jacket and gold chain, the illusive character can be found lurking in an alleyway to the right of the factory's entrance. Speak with him, and he'll ask that you find a worker jacket and worker helmet so that he can succesfully sneak you inside.

The cat of Stray speaks with Blazer in Midtown, who is requesting a worker jacket and worker helmet.
Meet Blazer. He's alright, I guess.

How to find the worker helmet in Stray

There's a hat shop near the centre of Midtown in Stray, but sadly, the owner won't let you inside while they accept their latest delivery.

If you speak with the delivery robot outside, it becomes apparent that their work partner is slacking off in the bar again. Make your way to the very back room inside the bar to find a drunk, sleeping robot... but not for long.

The cat of Stray looks at a drunk robot in the back room of the Midtown bar, an appealing crate is on the shelf above.
This robot is about to learn one headache of a lesson. If robots even had headaches.

In this room, climb up the small stepladder and onto the shelf. You'll find a conveniently placed crate of beer on the shelf that, with a few pushes, wakes the lazy robot back up.

With the robot awake and slowly headed back to work, return to the delivery robot from earlier. He'll keep putting boxes down outside the hat shop for their partner to take inside. Simply jump into one of these boxes and wait for the other robot to do the leg work for you.

The cat of Stray looks at a box outside the Midtown hat store.
Conveniently located nearby the bar, hop into this box before the drunk robot emerges.

Once the robot puts you down, you can hop on out and steal the worker helmet.

How to find find the worker jacket in Stray

If you try to steal the worker jacket from the clothes shop in Stray, the owner will stop you and guard the piece. As per usual, he's going to need a very rumbustious distraction to have him take his eyes off the jacket.

The cat of Stray attempts to steal the worker jacket from the Midtown clothing shop, but is stopped by the owner.
This shop owner is simply mean.

Return to the residential district and speak to Simon, the robot sat down in the white jacket. He says he'll give you one of their cassette tapes provided you destroy the three security cameras in the area.

The cat of Stray collects a cassette tape from robot, Simon, in the residential district of Midtown.
Don't get too excited... the tunes from this robot crew aren't all that melodic.

All three security cameras can be accessed from the second level of the residential district. There are two on either side of the trio of robots, and one on the wall of the second level, facing down at them. To destroy the cameras, jump on top of them and then hop straight back off.

The cat of Stray looks up at a security camera in Midtown's residential district.
Here's the first camera, accessible from the boxes and ledge to the right.
The cat of Stray is breaking security cameras in the residential district of Midtown.
Hop onto the ledges either side to access these cameras.

With all three cameras destroyed, speak to Simon again to be given a cassette tape, and then make your way back to the clothing shop.

Head into the changing rooms, where you will find a large cassette player. Insert the cassette that Simon just gave you to unleash an unholy amount of noise in the store. The owner will immediately come to investigate, giving you ample opportunity to grab the jacket and flee.

The cat of Stray looks at a cassette player that is in the changing rooms of the Midtown clothing store.
Pop your brand new tape in here and watch chaos ensue!

Now, you'll want to return to Blazer with all the worker gear. Once dressed, he'll escort you inside the factory via another box. Good luck!

For more on Stray, don't forget to collect every memory scattered across each chapter, and take a look at our Stray review to see what our verdict was for this charming cat game.

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