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Stray Chapter 12: What to do in the Control Room

With the subway back in action, it's time to head on up to the Control Room in Stray.

Control Room is the twelfth and final chapter of Stray. So, if you've made it this far, then well done. This short but sweet chapter brings the entire story of Stray to a close, and my only advice (aside from this guide itself) is to cherish it!

After your time in Midtown and at the Neco Corp factory, you'll have finally powered up the subway and been able to make it to the Control Room. Once again, the atmosphere changes when you reach here. B-12 collects their final memory, and there's only a few things left to do.

But what exactly do you do once in the Control Room? We've put together a brief - as spoiler free as possible - walkthrough for Stray's Control Room below.

Stray Chapter 12: Control Room Walkthrough

This chapter begins with a journey on the subway. Once you arrive at your destination, exit to the left of the subway and go up the escalators, then take the next set of escalators too.

The cat of Stray looks at the escalators from the subway to the control room.
I personally think going up the escalators via the hand rail is the only correct way to travel up them, but you do you.

If you speak with the cleaning robot in front of the orange doors to your left here branded with 'CITY SEALED', they'll tell you to go to the Control Room. The entrance to the room is just up the small set of stairs that face the orange door.

The cat of Stray looks at orange doors reading 'CITY SEALED'.
These cleaning robots are kind of creepy.
The cat of Stray looks at the Control Room door.
A door? No problem for this cat.

Of course, you can't walk straight into the Control Room just yet. Facing the entrance to the Control Room is one of the moveable boxes that you'll be familiar with from Midtown. Power the box on, and put it underneath the control panel to the left of the door.

Now, go to the lock to the right of the door and power it. Quickly jump atop the moveable box and begin clawing away at the wires here. Once they're broken, the door will open.

The cat of Stray looks at a moveable box by the Control Room door.
The box is just like the ones you'll have used in Midtown.
The cat of Stray destroys the control panel for the Control Room door.
Once up, claw away!

As you advance into the Control Room, there'll be a cutscene - this is one of B-12's memories, and the final core memory in Stray.

Once the cutscene ends, by all means explore the Control Room to your heart's content first. The view from here is spectacular, so I recommend indulging in that for a moment.

When you're ready, make your way over to the main computer at the very back of the room where a small cutscene with B-12 will trigger. It'll then become apparent that all the computers need to be turned on.

The cat of Stray faces the main computer in the Control Room.
Your endeavours in the Control Room start with this computer.

Turn around and jump atop the surfaces full of computers and keyboards. You'll need to strategically run across every keyboard here so that every computer is turned on, but be careful about running back over them. This will turn them off again.

The cat of Stray stands on a keyboard to turn a computer on in the Control Room.
We're back where we started, running across keyboards!

With the computers turned on and following the cutscene, make your way to the big computer tower to the right of the large window (with the view). Interact with this sizeable computer, and scratch away at its wires. Once done, have B-12 hack the machine - you'll need to do both actions for all three machines.

The cat of Stray looks at a computer tower.
This machine sits to the right of the window and roof control station.

Next, return to the main computer from earlier. Another machine is to the left. Hop onto the surface to the right of the machine and knock down the panel. Another panel is revealed for you to claw at and break, and B-12 can get hacking.

The cat of Stray looks at a computer tower.
The metal panel beside the computer needs to be knocked over first.
The cat of Stray looks at a computer panel, with the wires freshly exposed after pushing a panel over.
Once the panel is revealed, you know what to do.

The third and final computer you need to break is to the right of the control panel. Jump up, interact with the computer, the scratch away at the wires and hack the computer once more.

The cat of Stray stands on top of a computer.
Hop on top of this computer to reveal the panel.

Finally, pick up B-12 and take him to the now-unlocked blue panel in front of the window - the roof control station. It's a lot like the panel from The Flats, which you used to power him up. Drop him down on the panel, and another cutscene plays out.

The cat of Stray looks at the roof control panel in the Control Room.
The panel is yellow in this screenshot, as I wanted to avoid spoilers. You'll know that the panel is ready when it turns blue!

There's the tiniest bit more to this chapter, but it doesn't require anything other than a little walking. So, to avoid any significant spoilers, I'll leave it there. Enjoy!

That's it for the Control Room, and for Stray, but it isn't all that there is to do. If you haven't already, take the time to go back and collect all of Morusque's Sheet Music and all of Stray's Badges!

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