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One bit of farmland in Redfall is apparently bigger than all of Prey's whole map

A video from QuakeCon goes all in on details for the upcoming shooter.

Redfall is set to be Arkane's biggest game yet, with one particular area bigger than the entirety of the setting for one of the studio's older games, Prey.

QuakeCon has come and gone, but not without diving into some details on the upcoming vampire-ridden first-person shooter Redfall. As part of the convention's digital event, developers from Arkane Austin including studio director Harvey Smith spoke on what the game is, and what players can expect.

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During the conversation between the developers, the size of the map was brought up. "Speaking to the size, I think the Talos in Prey was five football fields, and the size of Redfall is kind of 'hold my beer'" art director Karen Segars said in the video.

Smith provided some more context on the size, saying "I remember early on there was a moment we were working on District 2, which is a little more rural, and Jim McGill took Talos at scale and dropped it in the middle of the farm that’s there. And the district just eats the whole space station, of course. It’s gigantic."

Interestingly, while Smith did note that it is an open-world title, it isn't one made with the context of traversing via a vehicle. As you'll be spending your time exploring the scenic views of Redfall on foot. "[You can] traverse the place, go into mom 'n' pop grocery stores, apartments, get on the roof of buildings," said Smith. "And we try to put in as many environmental storytelling scenes around as we possibly can, and so it just feels very lived in."

Each character apparently has their own skill tree too, with a number of abilities to choose from for each character. Weapons sound like they'll be a lot of fun too, with one particular weapon that was highlighted, a stake gun, sounding like it will be a very useful tool. Stakes can be made from broken-off pool cues, or snapped-off mop handles, which feels like a very fun and practical way of bringing an interesting weapon into a game.

The full video is worth watching as so far all the previously released trailers haven't given the strongest idea of what the game might actually be like in practice.

PC Game Pass subscribers all got some good news at QuakeCon, as 10 games from both id Software and Bethesda are coming to the service, including Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Quake 4.

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