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Spider-Man PC files reveal that co-op and PvP were once being developed

What's better than one Spider-Man? Two of them, obviously.

One curious player has dived into the PC files for Spider-Man Remastered, and sure enough, they found something interesting.

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The interesting bit being that Spider-Man very well could've featured co-op and PvP elements in an alternate universe. Twitter user, DniweTamp, shared screenshots of what they'd found in the game files, and they reveal that co-op and PvP were once in development for the superhero title.

The screenshots have also since been checked and verified by VGC. The information comes directly from the games executable files and shows that multiplayer mode would've included callouts to 'the Superior Spider Man' alongside a winner message. It also appears the two characters would've stepped into the shoes of either Miles Morales or Peter Parker for the rumble.

The files also make references to 'Character 1' and 'Character 2', as well as their respective co-op experiences: 'If set and in co-op, Character2 will see this text (debug only)' is one example of this.

In their dive into the files, VGC also found that the multiplayer mode appears to be separate to Spider-Man's campaign mode, and would not be readily available from the beginning of the game.

As some people have mistaken, this does not mean that multiplayer gameplay is coming to Spider-Man Remastered anytime soon. It simply means that, once upon a time, Insomniac Games was developing the mode for the game before likely scrapping it.

That being said, a sequel to Spider-Man has since been announced for 2023. There's certainly a chance that if Insomniac was messing around with co-op and PvP for the original game, then there's perhaps some room for a legitimate multiplayer mode in the sequel.

Only time will tell! Would you like for Spider-Man to introduce a multiplayer mode in future? Let us know down below.

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