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Remember PT? Kojima definitely does

Salt has been poured into wounds today.

Hideo Kojima took to Twitter just under an hour ago, and if you were simply doom-scrolling and not reading, you might've felt your heart skip a beat if you're a horror fan. No, Kojima is not sharing any teasers from his upcoming horror project with Xbox. He simply shared the P.T. artwork again.

Again, no, there's no new P.T. announcements. It isn't coming back from the dead. In fact, it still isn't even downloadable anywhere unless you're tracking it – or its clones - down by nefarious means.

Kojima tweeted that "It's been 8 years", and, well, he isn't wrong. It's been eight years since what could've been the best Silent Hill game – a complete revival for the Konami series from Metal Gear Solid's best – was robbed from us. Fortunately for me, who will not stop rambling on about P.T. and the loss of Silent Hills for the life of me, I've been reminded that I'm not alone.

While I immediately also took to Twitter to ask why Kojima need pour salt in our wounds, it appears everyone else feels the same – even Guillermo del Toro, who was also set to work on the project, chimed in with a sly profanity-laced tweet. It's all very bittersweet.

It's sweet enough to see the outpour of love for this demo, which never even became a fully-fledged game, every time it's mentioned. However, it still remains incredibly bitter that P.T. was all we would get when Silent Hills was cancelled in 2015. The below response says it perfectly.

It leaves even more of a sour-taste in plenty of peoples mouths that P.T. is extremely difficult to play today. Unless you've got a console with the demo still installed from back in the day, not many can even experience P.T. for what it truly was; a terrifying experience, one that promised to bring Silent Hill back to its truly unnerving roots.

In fact, the responses to Kojima's tweet are once again full of people sharing their experiences with P.T. In the midst of all the hurt, shocked, and sad memes, so many others can vividly remember the moments they sat down and played the demo. While we may never see Silent Hills on the horizon, it's certainly nice to see a community of fans brought together in its absence.

There's always Hideo Kojima's next horror endeavour to look forward to, and who knows, maybe Silent Hill will still be privy to a revival. There's been plenty of rumours.

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