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Silent Hill F announced, a new game from novelist Ryukishi07 and Resident Evil: ReVerse developer

Kera is handling creature and character design.

During yesterday’s Silent Hill Transmission, it’s safe to say that Silent Hill fans were eating good. We saw three different games announced, including a glimpse of one of the best horror games ever made, Silent Hill 2, which is being remade by Bloober Team. As well as this, we’ve also live Silent Hill event Ascension to look forward to, and an all-new film for the series.

One of the three games revealed was Silent Hill F, which looks to be the next mainline entry in the series. The art itself in the short teaser shown has also led some to believe that Silent Hill F may have something to do with the Sakura leaks from a while back.

Personally, I’m not convinced, but Silent Hill F looks rather fascinating and stylised regardless.

The game will be developed by Neobards Entertainment, who happens to be the developer behind the likes of Resident Evil: ReVerse, and Resident Evil Resistance. It also worked on the Devil May Cry HD Collection, and Resident Evil Origins Collection. It’s little to go off, but at least we know this team is adept with handling its horror titles.

Additionally, the story is to be written by Ryukishi07, the author of the When They Cry visual novel series. We can also expect Kera to be on board to work on creature and character design, with Motoi Okamoto (who you may recognise from Nintendo) will be the game’s producer.

Aside from this, little else is known about Silent Hill F or what it could entail. All we have to go off is these various names, and that short trypophobia-inducing teaser trailer. Silent Hill and holes do go hand in hand, I suppose!

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