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MultiVersus has a Velma x Jake combo that is straight up broken

A specific quirk with both characters blend together for some genuinely amazing jank.

MultiVersus has been out for some time now, with thousands of players bashing their heads together trying to find out the best and most busted strategies to score a win online. Initial strong picks like Taz and Bugs Bunny have been discovered and patched, but the latest peak of competitive jank comes from an unlikely combo: Jake the Dog and Velma.

Showcased perfectly by a short Twitter clip from user LeviathanMVS, this combo allows players to quickly shoot off numerous hard to avoid projectiles from the pair. This, as you can imagine, chunks enemies for tons of damage struggle free.

Here’s how it works. You first start with Velma’s Spread the Knowledge (down special attack) which has her throw a book towards her ally. If it hits, both Velma and her ally gain a massive burst of cooldown reduction! This at the start of the match, when your teammate is right next to you, is a cakewalk to land.

Velma has four supportive word charges. Usually, when they hit an ally or enemy the charge is used up. However, if the word hits what the game identifies as a wall, the ammo charge isn’t used up! Enter Jake the Dog, whose down special attack - That’s Heavy, Dude, seems to place his model into a state where the game identifies him as a wall while transformed. It’s only used up when the enhanced projectile hits Velma or an enemy.

As such, at the start of the game Jake can quickly transform into a house or boat, then Velma can rush to provide cooldown reduction before letting loose with consecutive projectiles bouncing off Jake and zooming towards enemies. With supportive word ammo not used up on Jake and being constantly recharged thanks to Spread the Knowledge, you get a huge window to throw out attacks while staying incredibly safe by your newfound bubble of projectiles.

Now, this isn’t a flawless strategy, but it does require some character knowledge. In the original Twitter clip embedded above, Batman could have used his grappling hook to dash through the onslaught of attacks and land a blow on the pair. In addition, Jake the Dog can reflect projectiles - so just do that! However, without this knowledge, the wall of words is hard to breach. If nothing else, this clip teaches the value of hitting the lab and learning this stuff!

Have you seen any other absurd MultiVersus combos? Let us know below! For more MultiVersus content, check out our articles on how to get more Toast in MultiVersus, as well as how MultiVersus is ahead of the curve tech-wise.

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