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Avengers Infinity War has been reimagined as a classic Japanese RPG for a new promo video

It might be the biggest movie event in years, but what would Avengers: Infinity War look like if it were a classic SNES-era Japanese RPG?

It might seem like a little bit of a curious, niche question, but the behemoth marketing machine for Infinity War has that very question covered over in Japan, where one promotional video for the movie features some of the scenes we've already glimpsed in the previous trailers recreated as if from a classic Super Famicom/SNES era RPG.

Here's that clearly Final Fantasy inspired video in full - and be warned that while it shows nothing new and likely has no strict relation to the actual movie, the truly spoiler-sensitive may wish to skip it:

The video showcases cute little 16-bit sprite versions of Iron Man, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange and Star Lord walking around terrain that looks a little familiar from the trailers and even shows a player scrolling through menus that are very clearly inspired by the classic Final Fantasy games. It's full of little Easter Eggs of a sort, like the character levels seemingly mapping to character power levels, Dr. Strange having a shed load of MP (because of course the master sorcerer would) and the 'in-game' timer marked at 04:27 - the Japanese release date of Infinity War.

The second half of the trailer sees a completely different team tackle Thanos in a completely different location, just as we've glimpsed in some of the movie's trailers.

It's a cute little thing that'll surely give fans of classic RPGs and especially SNES-era Final Fantasy a kick, anyway, and localized marketing like this is always cool to see.

For a real video game Avengers fix people will have to wait for the effort from Final Fantasy creators Square Enix, who have Tomb Raider studio Crystal Dynamics hard at work on something that so far is simply known as 'The Avengers Project'. We'll probably learn more about that mysterious game later this year.

Avengers: Infinity War is out over the next couple of days worldwide - Thursday or Friday depending where you are, and it's probably all anyone will talk about on social media for the next week or so.

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